Heyyyyy, Hey Baby!

So we have some news.


I have so many things I want to share already so stay tuned for how we shared the news with family, how we decided to start growing our family, and what’s different this time around. (I just need the energy to do some typing, which is hard to come by these days.)

George has had some mixed reactions about the news…


In all seriousness, he has no idea yet what is going on. He does kiss my belly and we say goodnight to baby every night, but he is just repeating me at this point. So if anyone has any pointers on transitioning the older sibling, we are all ears.

And yes, we had to do these pictures on two separate occasions because George is a two year old and hates that his mom takes pictures of him all the time. Well lucky for you George, someone else is coming next spring for me to practice on.

14 thoughts on “Heyyyyy, Hey Baby!

  1. Addison is so excited she has been telling everyone she sees about her new cousin coming! Best advice I got is when he comes to the hospital to meet the new one is to have a new toy for girls they say their own baby….but whatever he would enjoy…that really helped with Addisons mixed emotions!

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