Book Review-40 Days to a Joyful Motherhood

I am always searching for a good devotional, so when this book came along paired with adult coloring pages it really seemed to be up my alley.

This book was tailor made for moms. From what I could see it was a love letter/words of encouragement from one mom to another. The scriptures and devotionals picked were like your own cheering section at the end of the day that we are all doing ok.

I love to color, and I have a really hard time calming down and just being. I, however, find most “adult” coloring books to be too complex and stress me out even more. These coloring pages were fairly simple, and they allowed me to let go and relax at the end of the day. I will say though that I usually do my devotional right before bed, and I did find it hard to do the coloring there. It takes me about 30-45 minutes to color a page, and I found myself dozing off before I could get done if I did them in bed. (This has nothing to do with the author, I am just an exhausted mom.) So I do the coloring while I am watching my TV shows after George goes to bed, and then I read the devotional portion right before bed and write my joys and concerns for the day in the margins.

I have really struggled with making time for scripture and knowing how to pray, so devotional or guide books like this help me in my walk with the Lord.

Each page (or day) had a scripture, a brief explanation of application, and a simple prayer. I like this approach because it helps things come alive for me. As I said then I will add my thoughts for the day in the open spaces.

This is a great devotional for moms who need to focus on self-care but find it hard to do so. It’s things like this that can keep us grounded and be the best for our families. The idea of combining a stress relieving activity with a devotional was genius in my opinion!


You can buy your own copy here.

Have you tried adult coloring books? What is your way to focus on self-care?

I would love to hear your thoughts!

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