Baby 2-Twelve Weeks


How far along: 12 weeks

Sex of Baby W: No clue

Weight gain: I’ve lost 3 lbs, however there is a bump coming.

Size of Baby W:  A lime or a Roborovski hamster. (I downloaded a new app that does the size in weird-but-cute animals.)

Maternity clothes: I do wear the belly band almost every day because I can’t button most pants. I wore maternity pants over Thanksgiving, but I am in that weird stage where they don’t really fit but neither do my normal pants. I don’t wear any maternity tops yet, but I am all about the baggy shirts and big chunky cardigans these days.

Baby items: I bought a crib sheet that was the exact color that I want for their room. Green and navy. Then I went wild saving stuff to my Amazon wishlist.

Stretch marks: Nothing yet. I am doing a really bad job putting on my belly cream though, so hopefully this doesn’t change.

Belly button in or out:  Still in.

Sleep: My sleep is going pretty well. I do usually have to wake up at least once to pee, but I generally don’t have any issues getting back to sleep.

Best moment the past few weeks: Work has been going exceptionally well for me lately. I have a post coming soon (I think…when I can find the time.).

Worst moment the past few weeks: At my last doctor’s appointment, they didn’t check me at all. This is sooooo weird for me. I am so used to having sonograms and heartbeat readings or at least checking my lady parts at every appointment. I didn’t have one appointment with George where they didn’t check something else besides my blood pressure. I was just in shock that she just asked me three questions and then sent me on my way. In my head I was screaming, “How do I know that this little bean is still alive?” This is the part of a normal pregnancy I do not like! But I have to remember this is all a good thing.

Miss anything: Being able to hold George for extended periods of time. He doesn’t understand why Mama can’t hold him all the time. It breaks my heart. Working out-between the nausea and the exhaustion, I am lucky if I can get all my steps in a day never mind actually exercising.

Cravings: Still marinated mushrooms, but I have also been craving burgers something fierce. I have been able to tolerate salads a little more, but they still aren’t my favorite. I dislike most vegetables to be honest. Salty things (besides french fries) are also a big turn off. And no bacon for me!

Movement: I haven’t felt anything yet.

Symptoms/how I am feeling: I am not as exhausted as I was (meaning I am not consistently falling asleep on the couch at 7pm),  but I am still fairly nauseous. I have started getting charlie horses in my calves-just awful.

Looking forward to: We have an ultrasound next week to check for any abnormalities. While there is some anxiety with what they are looking for, I am excited to see this little nugget again. It’s been 6 weeks!!!

Here is George at 12 weeks.



3 thoughts on “Baby 2-Twelve Weeks

  1. I couldn’t do bacon my first pregnancy either. It killed me! But the smell alone was disgusting! I can’t remember always having the lady bits checked, but there was definitely a heartbeat check every time. Sorry they skipped that!

    • With both babies, they didn’t do the heartbeat (only) until after the first trimester because they didn’t want to scare me if they couldn’t find it because they are too small. With George we had an ultrasound every 2 weeks from 8 weeks until 16 weeks. Then after that they did the heartbeat every appointment. It was just so odd this time at 11 weeks to not have anything.

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