Baby 2-Twelve Weeks


How far along: 12 weeks

Sex of Baby W: No clue

Weight gain: I’ve lost 3 lbs, however there is a bump coming.

Size of Baby W:  A lime or a Roborovski hamster. (I downloaded a new app that does the size in weird-but-cute animals.)

Maternity clothes: I do wear the belly band almost every day because I can’t button most pants. I wore maternity pants over Thanksgiving, but I am in that weird stage where they don’t really fit but neither do my normal pants. I don’t wear any maternity tops yet, but I am all about the baggy shirts and big chunky cardigans these days.

Baby items: I bought a crib sheet that was the exact color that I want for their room. Green and navy. Then I went wild saving stuff to my Amazon wishlist.

Stretch marks: Nothing yet. I am doing a really bad job putting on my belly cream though, so hopefully this doesn’t change.

Belly button in or out:  Still in.

Sleep: My sleep is going pretty well. I do usually have to wake up at least once to pee, but I generally don’t have any issues getting back to sleep.

Best moment the past few weeks: Work has been going exceptionally well for me lately. I have a post coming soon (I think…when I can find the time.).

Worst moment the past few weeks: At my last doctor’s appointment, they didn’t check me at all. This is sooooo weird for me. I am so used to having sonograms and heartbeat readings or at least checking my lady parts at every appointment. I didn’t have one appointment with George where they didn’t check something else besides my blood pressure. I was just in shock that she just asked me three questions and then sent me on my way. In my head I was screaming, “How do I know that this little bean is still alive?” This is the part of a normal pregnancy I do not like! But I have to remember this is all a good thing.

Miss anything: Being able to hold George for extended periods of time. He doesn’t understand why Mama can’t hold him all the time. It breaks my heart. Working out-between the nausea and the exhaustion, I am lucky if I can get all my steps in a day never mind actually exercising.

Cravings: Still marinated mushrooms, but I have also been craving burgers something fierce. I have been able to tolerate salads a little more, but they still aren’t my favorite. I dislike most vegetables to be honest. Salty things (besides french fries) are also a big turn off. And no bacon for me!

Movement: I haven’t felt anything yet.

Symptoms/how I am feeling: I am not as exhausted as I was (meaning I am not consistently falling asleep on the couch at 7pm),  but I am still fairly nauseous. I have started getting charlie horses in my calves-just awful.

Looking forward to: We have an ultrasound next week to check for any abnormalities. While there is some anxiety with what they are looking for, I am excited to see this little nugget again. It’s been 6 weeks!!!

Here is George at 12 weeks.