Moving on Up

My big work news is that I recently got promoted to Assistant Director in our office.


This was big, y’all, in so many ways. BIG.

Let’s take a step back to the last time that I was pregnant and was job searching.

I have never shared this publicly, but I had received a job offer when I was 8 months pregnant. At the time, I thought this job was just the perfect fit for me, so I was on cloud 9. However, when they realized my timeline with giving birth, the job offer was rescinded.

This is possibility one of the biggest blows I have ever received. I remember coming home that day after getting that call and just being numb.

Now I know what you are thinking, they can’t take a job away because I am pregnant. That was my thought too. Rage and disbelief-and lots of tears. I consulted several of my mentors on the situation because I was in unknown territory. Because of their support, I attempted to fight the injustice I felt. After working through the institution for weeks, I was told that there was nothing I could do to change the outcome. Absolutely devastated. (And I am still convinced this is what put me on bed-rest that last month of pregnancy.)

There are still parts of me that are confused and angered by how it all went down, however, this job I have now never would have happened if I would have ended up in that position.

That awfully humbling situation was actually a Godsend so I could apply to work where I do now, and it allowed me more time with George after he was born. And that is time I never can replace.

Plus I LOVE MY JOB. This job I got instead. A job that is more perfect for me right now I do not believe exists. I get to work on some great initiatives. I have the opportunity to impact students more intentionally. I am using my background and talents, but I am being challenged to grow daily. And I work with some pretty amazing people.

So while it stung, I thank that Director for taking back that offer 2 years ago, because this is where I belong. That old adage, that things happen for a reason is so very true.

So back to the promotion.

This promotion is redemption for those twoish years (aka the worst job search ever) where I heard, “No, we are going in a different direction.”

This promotion is validating when the last time I was pregnant I was denied a job, and this time I was promoted while being pregnant.

This promotion gave me back my confidence that I lost after leaving Iowa State years ago. It reminded me of my worth as a professional. This was a triumph.

This promotion is exactly where I am supposed to be.

Assistant Director of Student Success has a nice ring to it.

6 thoughts on “Moving on Up

  1. Congratulations!! I’m so glad you’re in a great fit for you, and I can’t believe that happened a couple years ago. How unfair! But like you said – it led you ultimately to this position… blessing in disguise, I guess!

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