Start Spreading the News

The last time we were pregnant, we were far away from all family so we told everyone just as soon as we found out over the phone.

This time being near family, I really wanted to do something to pop the news on them.

I created a video for George’s first year with all the pictures I took with my fancy camera. You can see that here. This is something I want to keep doing each year since I am not into scrapbooks.

So I decided I could make his year two video also the announcement video.

I didn’t think I would raise any suspicions when I brought it over for them to watch at one of our regular family gatherings. I may have been a bit eager to show it, but they didn’t raise any eyebrows to that until after they saw it. (My brother-in-law however called what was going on by my aggressive request to watch this before our normal family dinner.)

I was really happy that Tom’s grandma could be there to see it too. All of my grandmas are gone, so that was really special for us that she was able to be part of this.

There was no way I could wait until we were in person to tell my family, and they would have known something was up if I said to Skype because we never do that. However, my mom guessed it before I could tell her when I called with the news. She is a smart one, that lady!

Next up is my first bumpdate this go around!

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