Oogaa Bowltastic

It has been a while since I have baked something, so I wanted to try a new recipe this month.

The Oogaa challenge this month was to try our baking on these bowls.

IMG_0627 (1024x676)

Y’all seriously.

I cannot speak enough about the high quality and amazingness of these products from Oogaa.

A kid friendly bowl, that you can BAKE in.

No baking in a metal tin and then transferring to a kid plate.

Instead of having to use several dishes, you can just use this one fun one!

I am all about easy clean up!

And speaking of clean up, instead of having to scrape or worry about cupcake liners, it is so simple to get the baked item out of the bowl. You just push it out since they are silicone. Fantastically easy, which I am sure is great for kids who are just known for their patience.

I also want to point out that in my lack of awareness I attempted to peel the brownie out of the bowl (right after pulling it out of the oven) with my bare hands. While I do not recommend this type of stupidity, I will say that it did not burn my hands as a metal baking sheet would have. So these are much safer, which is a bonus when you have kids helping you in the kitchen.

IMG_0745 (1024x683)

Tom and I had a severe sweet tooth brewing. After perusing Pinterest, these Pumpkin Brownies just called our names. And it seriously can’t get better than a two ingredient recipe. Sold.

This may sound like a fall recipe, but we are adults and we wanted pumpkin brownies.

We used this recipe here.

To critique the recipe, they weren’t exactly our favorite. They came out more fudgy than brownie. Don’t worry, I still ate them. Also I will note that it had nothing to do with the Oogaa bowl. I didn’t cut the recipe in half, so I had a lot of extra batter. I made some cupcakes with the extra, and they came out the same consistency. So if you want some pumpkin fudge, this is the way to go.

But regardless of if you use this recipe, you all need to get these bowls. I can’t wait to use it more and more once we get past this first stage of food. We started oatmeal this weekend, and these work great to heat that up in the microwave.

If you want to find more out about these bowls, visit their site here. We love this company, and we know you would too!

We did receive receive this bowl complimentary for testing purposes as an Oogaa Brand Partner. All thoughts and opinions are mine, and George’s of course!

Have you tried Oogaa products? What would you like to use from their line?

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