Conquering Mealtime

Feeding a baby can be very overwhelming.

What do you start with?

How much do you feed them?

How often do you feed them real food vs formula?

How exactly do you teach them to eat on their own?

Can I avoid them choking?

I am going to be covered in applesauce at some point in this process aren’t I?

It’s enough to make you cross-eyed.


It can be seriously crippling to get lost in all the articles, books, and posts out there about feeding your baby from what and when to how and with what. You can spend days trying to read everything and come up with a game plan of how to attack this new part of parenthood.

I am here to help!

Well only sort of.

I have found that you can plan all you want to but ultimately your baby will be the driver of how meal time will go. So get ready to be messy.


I had full intentions of doing BLW all the way, but George said differently. He hasn’t taken to all things solid. I have said it before that some days he will only do purees, and then other days he can’t get that toast in his mouth fast enough. Most days he could go either way as long as food is entering his body.

Exhibit A:

It is an exercise in patience and flexibility.

But beyond the food, you do need some good products like a bib and utensils. Otherwise every meal time means bath time.

I am here to share my favorites to help you in your search. Because we all have opinions.

First a bib.


We love love love Snap Bibs.

I hate cleaning, so in my search I needed something that was going to make this messy process easy. These are a snap (put intended) to clean. The food sticks on the vinyl like material while they are eating but doesn’t stain it. (Caveat, it does stain the back a little. So if you have a munchkin who likes to fold up the bib and try to eat the bib with his messy hands, you will get stains on the back. But no one sees this part anyway.) Once he is done, I either take a baby wipe and wipe them off, let the dogs lick it (truth), or just run it under the faucet. We have used the same one for almost every meal for 4 months and the front looks as good as when we first bought it. It’s nice too when you are traveling because then you aren’t putting a messy bib into the diaper bag.

I will also note that I have even not wiped it immediately after he ate which caused the food to dry on there. You may think that the bib is doneso, but nope. Still just as easy to get the food off by just wiping it with a wet cloth or again just put it under the faucet.

Snap Bibs for the win.

These bibs are super sturdy. Unlike Velcro bibs, they stay put even with all the flailing and moving about little man does.

They come in all kinds of colors, so you have a lot of options. I have tried to limit myself and not buy all the colors. We have three. But seriously we need all the colors.

These are one of my favorite baby purchases, which I have a feeling we will be using well into the toddler years.

All they need to do is find a way to make a baby feeding suit out of these things….somehow there is always food in his hair.

Now the utensils.


I actually tried around with a few different products.

We have really tried to make George independent throughout this process. Soon after we started, I made him take the spoon. There were several spoons that we tried but he just was having a hard time holding and maneuvering in his mouth.

Then it came down to what was actually making it to his mouth. Babies are not all that coordinated if you didn’t know…I can confirm that they are like tiny drunks…So you need to have a spoon that is going to keep things on the spoon on the way in, even with lots of tosses and turns.

Some spoons were too slick. Some had too deep of wells that he couldn’t get everything out. Some were too short.

Then we fell upon Oogaa products.


Everything about these spoons have been perfect.

They are long enough for him to hold. The spoon isn’t too deep that he can’t get it all out. It’s silicone nature keeps things from sliding off too much. My praises are endless…

Silicone makes them easy to clean. Seeing a theme here? (Easy to clean is my number one priority.)

These bad boys can go in the dishwasher, but they are super easy to hand-wash because under water the stickiness comes right off.

I also love that these can double up as a teether. They are not hard on his gums like a lot of plastic or metal baby spoons. This is a must when I am not moving fast enough to get new food in front of him. The spoon gives me a little distraction time while he munches on them.


We love the regular spoons and use them ALL the time. However, we also love the more fun spoons. There is a train, truck, plane, and tugboat. These help with making meal time fun and engaging. This can also help your older kids become involved in the process. George isn’t quite at the stage where he knows what these things are but it is still fun to play with him. Plus these make good handles for him.


I was worried at first with these particular spoons because they have a deep space/hole in the back where I just envisioned all the food to collect. But even caked on food comes off easily under the faucet or the dishwasher. No more fuss!

We are still in the stage that every thing just goes on the tray so he can explore it. So we really haven’t had too much in the plate department for George to use. But I do love using Oogaa bowls to cook oatmeal in! Again easy to clean and goes in the microwave. Can’t get better than that. I talked more about their bowls here.

What can I say, we love our Oogaas!


We still haven’t found the sippy cup for us. George hasn’t figured out how to tip and doesn’t get the straw idea yet. And if I am going to have to hold him to tip him back it defeats the purpose of him drinking independently. We are kind of putting the search on hold really because I don’t want to shell out any money. We are going to try again in a month with those that we have.

Those are just two of the items that have made our feeding adventure a little less stressful for me. George just wants the food in his mouth, so the easiest way to do that for Mom is the best way for him.

These are both small businesses started by moms wanting better products for their own kids. I found both of these through Instagram.

I did not receive the Snap Bibs for a review, but I did receive Oogaa spoons complimentary for testing purposes as an Oogaa Brand Partner. All thoughts and opinions are mine, and George’s of course!

What products would you recommend? Do you just feed your kids in the bathtub to fix the mess?

6 thoughts on “Conquering Mealtime

    • Charlotte was actually on our list when we first got married, but it is SOOOOO popular the past few years that we took it off. And that would just be weird now if I named baby 2 Charlotte with George. Although if we have another boy, one of my favorite names is William…so there is that.

  1. I’m going to have to try snap bibs. I’m so tired of washing bibs all of the time. Jimmie is doing really well with Born Free straw cups and The First Years take and toss straw cups! I have spent a small fortune on cups….unfortunately,

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