Fit for Me 18/52

What I did last week:

Saturday-I did a 1.5 mile walk with the dogs AND George. I have been too scared to attempt this until now. However with Tom’s weird schedule the past two weeks, he hasn’t been able to help with the dogs as much. And chasing them in the backyard just wasn’t cutting the crazy down. So I wrapped George to my chest, where he promptly fell asleep, and then hung on for dear life. This ended up being more of a workout that a normal walk because I am fairly certain my whole body was tensed up the whole time afraid I would lose the reigns. But we were successful in making a lap around the neighborhood, and we even passed another dog without any major freakouts. I don’t think we will do this often, but now I know that I can if the dogs are driving me crazy enough.

Sunday-I took the dogs on a one hour walk/run sans George. We found a tunnel on the golf course near our house. It was fun to explore a little with them.

Tuesday-1 hour BodyPump. I made it through every track but Shoulders. That track is always the enemy…

Impressed by:

Conquering a walk with all the kids. This is no easy feat, but we managed! And no one (but my muscles) got hurt in the process. We have a Tula on the way, so maybe I will be more inclined for more walks like this in future with that carrier.

Struggled with:

I had a couple days where I just didn’t want to work out, so I didn’t. But honestly, with assuming the role of single parent these past two weeks, I sat on the couch guilt free. Sometimes you just need to sit on your butt.

Did I meet my goal from last week?

Um no. There were no planks on my agenda at all.

What is my goal for next week?

Go “hiking” on Mother’s Day.

Fitness Thoughts:

I just want to mark the week that I am finally able to fit into that last pair of pants that was eluding me!!! I couldn’t find my black belly band to wear with my black work pants, so I went ahead and tried to button them. AND THEY CLOSED WITHOUT ANY PROTEST! I may have done a silent dance in my closet even though I wanted to jump on the bed and do cartwheels. But alas Tom was sleeping, so I just rejoiced very quietly. It’s taken me 8 months, but it feels so good to finally be back in ALL of my pre-pregnancy clothes. It made me feel ok about not doing any of those planks…

e04eebebadb2b1315ff121fcac7bfde0image via

4 thoughts on “Fit for Me 18/52

  1. Oh wow, I can’t imagine wearing a baby and walking two big dogs all at once! Go you!! Also, I can’t wait to hear what you think about the Tula… I really want one, but they are so pricey that I’m waiting since I know you can’t use them until baby is a bit bigger/sturdier anyway!

    • You can get an infant insert for the Tula. I have had my eye on them for awhile, but I too was leery of the price. I did A LOT of asking around. Every person I asked said that they were worth the investment. The way I see it is that this should last a lot longer than some of the traditional cloth carriers, and it should be better on my back now that he is heavier. George loves to be carried so if this carrier will last me a couple years, than I am all for it. It was my birthday/Mother’s day present to myself. For a cloth carrier, I would recommend the Baby K’tan. It is by far the easiest in my opinion and it fits in our diaper bag so we can take it every where.

  2. Congratulations on fitting into that last pair of pants! You are wonder woman walking a baby + 2 dogs. I walk to dogs and think I’ve conquered the world, so I can’t imagine adding a baby to the mix! lol

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