Daphne Year Six

How are we here? Today my dearest daughter is six years old.

SIX Years with this sweet Doodlebug.

This year, I wanted to memorialize all the ways our family loves this girl, and then hear from her a few fun six year old thoughts.

I asked everyone what their favorite thing to do with Daphne was:

  • George-I like playing games with her.
  • Wally-I play legos with Sissy.
  • Daddy-On my days off work, I love to pick her up on the days George has run club to go get ice cream and play at the park together.
  • Mommy-I love to go flower shopping with her and picking out our favorite colors.

Here is what everyone said about their favorite trait of Daphne’s:

  • George-Everything she does makes me happy, but I love the faces she makes.
  • Wally-She shares.
  • Daddy-She loves her brothers so much. I never imagined having kids who love their siblings so much.
  • Mommy-I love how she fills others’ cups up. She is so intentional about paying attention to others’ interests and needs and tries to make people feel seen.

Here is how Daphne feels now as the six year old.

  • Who is your favorite person in the world? Mommy
  • What is your favorite color? Magenta
  • What is your favorite T.V. show? My first favorite was Pokemon, then it switched to Abby Hatcher, then back to Pokemon. Now it is Spidey Friends.
  • What do you like to wear? Dresses
  • What is your favorite song? Meghan Trainor, Me Too
  • What is your favorite food? Pancakes
  • Who is your best friend? Harrison
  • What do you want to be when you grow up? A singer, I am good at singing.
  • What is your favorite book? The rhyming books (the phonic readers from Usborne)
  • What is something you are good at? Building Legos
  • Where do you want to go on vacation? Florida, I love it there.
  • What is your favorite memory? Summer School, I will always remember it.
  • Who is your hero? Daddy…my family actually.
  • What is your goal this year? Get better at cartwheels
  • What is your favorite part of school? Choice time with the little shapes.
  • What are you scared of? That things will fall and break on me, and the dark.
  • If you were an animal, what would you be? Allicorn
  • What is something you are thankful for? My family
  • What makes you happy when sad? Music and hugs
  • What is your favorite holiday? Christmas. No one’s birthday is a holiday, except for God and Grandma who have the same birthday.
  • What is the best thing about being a kid? You don’t have to go to work, and the worst is that you have to do what grown ups say.
  • What are you excited about being six? That I am going to be taller.

Daphne is such a sweet young lady. She is so smart and kind. She has rocked kindergarten, loves going to school, and knows how to read well above her grade level. She is so observant. She feels her emotions fully, and she interprets others feelings just as deeply. She likes to warm up to new things, but I am so proud of her bravery for trying new things this year even though she is scared. She is one of those people that just warms your heart by just being in her presence.

She really is amazingly lovely.

I would love to hear your thoughts!

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