Lately and A Giveaway!

I had full intentions of writing a full post today, but this week just got away from me. So here is what is happening lately:

  • We haven’t had hot water for the past couple days. We have a silly hot water pump, that every couple months it needs to be recalibrated or something. So I have been taking a 2 minute cold shower every morning. Super. (They did fix it today though, thanks to my hubs getting them out here!)
  • I still can’t eat a full meal, but I have graduated to tuna salad sandwiches. Much better!
  • Tom has had two separate ranges this week, so we haven’t really seen much of each other this week. At least that means that the dogs and I can take over the bed! And they cuddle with me so sweetly when Tom is gone.
  • I really think that the country should shut down during the Olympics so everyone can stay at home to watch the events live to support our athletes. I have filled our DVR full of Olympic goodness!
  • I miss running with the dogs, but I am a baby when it comes to cold. And I don’t want to subject them to the freezing concrete.
  • I don’t there is an episode of Ellen that I don’t end up crying. I just love this show and her. It is on my bucket list to go to her show.
  • I am ready to stock up on Valentine’s Day clearance chocolates. Peanut caramel clusters come to me!

That’s about all I have as far as happening around here.


I participated in another giveaway with several other bloggers! Jane from Poppiness is the brainchild behind this, so thanks to her for putting this all together!

I have been so fortunate to connect with other bloggers over the past few months, and I can’t wait to see where this blogging journey continues to take me!

So enjoy the giveaway!

$110 PayPal Cash Giveaway | Kara Ramblings of a Marine Wife | Alex Radiating Sunshine
Becky Rebeckann’s Random Thoughts | Katie Going Coastal | Elizabeth The Young Retiree
Jen Beebeebelly | Rhea Rhea Et Cetera | Kari This, Too
Stephanie Army Crafter | Sue As It Seems | Jane Poppiness

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8 thoughts on “Lately and A Giveaway!

  1. We have a temperamental water heater, too. It seems like the 2nd person to shower usually gets the hot water. Crazy, right? And now that it’s just me, that means mine are usually on the chilly side. I was really spoiled in Germany because we got amazing water pressure and it would get hot enough to melt your flesh (which is how I like it). Not a fan of the lukewarm shower. Blech!

    Sorry to hear that your tummy is still giving your trouble! I’m going to send you good vibes for hot water and a happy tummy!

    • Hopefully the hot water is fixed. Although it does wake me up much faster when it is cold, so there is that. I want my tummy back too! This girl wants some yummy goodness! Thanks for the good vibes!

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