All Those Monkeys Jumping on the Bed

In early December, we dismantled our bed, and have since been living on the floor. This bed we made last summer was just too high for the dogs. There were several times that both dogs fell or rolled off the bed. And Grace really struggled to get on it sometimes.

So in fear that we would see one of our dogs get injured, we decided to forgo the idea of having cubbies underneath the bed for storage.

It really is about the dogs.

While I do love camping, I don’t want to feel like I am doing it all the time.

No fear since that bed was made in pieces, we are now using those cubbies as shelves in our closet. So it has actually worked out pretty nicely, except for the whole sleeping on the floor for a couple months part.

We finally got around to making our new bed recently.

We saw a headboard in the PX that was the inspiration for this. We just didn’t want to spend $900 for just the headboard.

I also don’t get the idea of bed skirts.

So Tom solved both of these problems with this new design. We spent a little under $200 for this. Bargain!

Bed and Headboard

Here is most of the wood. We also had wainscoting pieces as well.

Bed and Headboard

This is the frame for the headboard.

Bed and Headboard

The frame with the wainscoting added.

Bed and Headboard

A closer look.

Bed and Headboard

Then Tom made posts for the ends. It is super expensive to buy solid posts so he just made them out of thinner wood. Then he put a cap on the top and used a router to add a nice trim.

Bed and Headboard

He made the base box that the box springs can fit in. We only had three sides because the top will be covered by the wall and headboard. We used one coat of stain for everything.

Bed and Headboard

He rounded all the edges to make sure we wouldn’t hurt ourselves.

Bed and Headboard

The staining was my only contribution to this project. Heads up, wainscoting is really difficult to stain because of all the grooves that collect globs of the stain. You have to work super fast! But I made it happen.

Bed and Headboard

The pieces all together.

Bed and Headboard

It looks great next to the side tables he made too. We are thinking of cutting them down just a bit to make them a little more even with the bed height, but for now they work just fine.

Bed and Headboard

Sorry for the drabby bedding. With two boxers, we don’t have decorative pillows or nice bedding. We go purely for comfort. Judge away if you must.

Tom did this all in an afternoon. It is a fairly quick put together from watching him. I love that I can point at something or think of a design, and then Tom can make it come to life. He is so handy!

If you would like more directions on how to measure and whatnot don’t hesitate to ask!

Our bedroom looks like a bedroom again! I really love the headboard, and the dogs love the ease of getting up on it.

6 thoughts on “All Those Monkeys Jumping on the Bed

  1. My goodness I am impressed beyond words!!! It is beautiful, wish you still lived in Ames, as I would pay Tom to make me one!!!! Love it! Nice work Tom!

  2. So pretty! You’re lucky that you have a handy guy! My dad has really cool skills like that. (He helped build my grandparents lake house – which sounds fancy but totally wasn’t – even pouring the concrete stairs from the house to the water.) Me, my siblings, my husband – none of us can do anything remotely like that. I can’t even hang stuff on the walls! It’s pretty pathetic.

    • Oh Amy, I am sure you can hang things on the wall! Tom used to work in construction in high school, and that is where he learned most of his skills. He is also one of those people that can just figure anything out by looking at a picture, which is a skill I am jealous of all the time.

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