Frolic with Grace

My goal in life is to be as good of a person my dog already thinks I am.  ~Author Unknown

If you have been following me at all, there is no surprise that I love my dog. So today is all about my little lady.

My parents willed me this chair from my childhood. It is an old beat-up lazy chair, that is slightly pink. So it matches nothing that I own, but I absolutely loved this chair growing up. I spent hours reading books in this chair, so they gave it to me in the great purging of the Glinn household.

Well, it has now become Grace’s chair. She is in it all the time.


She loves staring out the window to our backyard. I originally had the chair facing in a more functional way with the room, but Grace moved it to the side like this to make it more functional for her outside watching.

2013-07-27 06.47.19

Like I said, this is no longer my chair. We now refer to it as Grace’s bed.

We have always let Grace sleep in our bed with us, so this chair has left an empty spot in our bed at night. For the most part we are ok with it because she is a bed hog and will pretty much lay on you and not be willing to budge. But there are moments that it is a little sad for us as doggy parents.
And this sparked this week’s episode of “Talks with Tom.”

Tom-I like it when Grace sleeps in other parts of the house.

Me-Why’s that?

Tom-Because when she gets in her chair it is a little insulting because I am right here. She is basically saying she doesn’t want to sleep with me. When she sleeps in other rooms, it’s like she is at summer camp.

Just this morning we marveled at the fact that she slept with us most of the night. Later to find out it was probably because she wanted to melt our hearts a little bit with glee before we found her puddle of pee all over the living room. She was probably embarrassed because this is totally out of character for her.

And just when I made her a new chew toy! The nerve!

I love making Grace new toys out of household items that are worn out. I am all about sustainability and reusing things when I can.

Grace does not allow us to keep nice bedding because we–and by we, I mean Tom–plays and wrestles with her on the bed. Impossible to keep a nice bed made.

So we get holes like this in our sheets.

2013-07-28 20.04.47

In my effort to be green and also save some of our green, I cut up the fabric to use for a project that we are currently working on for our bathroom, but I still had a lot of “unusable scraps.”

I cut the leftovers into long strips, knotted, and braided them together to make a new rope toy for Grace. These are her favorites because she likes ripping them.

2013-07-28 21.38.19 2013-07-28 21.37.26

This is super easy to do and then I don’t feel so bad about throwing away sheets. My suggestion though is to make sure you make them long enough to make lots of knots. This will make them a little more durable to doggie teeth. For this one I made 4 separate braids then knotted those braids like the friendships bracelets we all made as kids.


She perked up from her nap to play with it a little bit! Success!

I have also made new toys out of old socks that have holes in them. I know others who have done this but they commented that their dogs then would grab any sock regardless of toy status or not. I didn’t have this problem with Grace, but just be weary if you do!

We have been considering upping our little family by adding another furbaby. We have been discussing the pros and cons of getting another dog, and right now the pros outweigh the cons. I have already been scouring shelters’ websites to see who our new rescue puppy could be, but we want to make sure that this will be a good decision for both Grace and the new puppy. Ideally, we would want to get one around the same age as Grace, and more than likely the same breed if not one similar. But who knows once we actually go look at a dog and let them meet Grace to ensure compatibility. Any thoughts and comments on the subject of owning several dogs are welcome! We want to be realistic and do the dogs justice if we choose to adopt another rescue, so any helpful advice would be awesome.

For now we are enjoying our time with just our Gracie lady. Here are some fun videos from our weekend. Yep, we are totally those parents…ok honestly I am totally that parent.

That was the first time she played with a sprinkler hose. She had a blast with it!

There is no psychiatrist in the world like a puppy licking your face.  ~Ben Williams

U-Hauling It Across the Midwest

We are officially all moved to KY. It has been a rough couple of weeks, and the house is still a mess. The plus side is that I get to wake up next to my husband every day, and it’s not just a weekend visit.

Moving is never easy no matter what your circumstances may be. So I have some tips for future moves to help alleviate some stress.

1. Use moving as a time to get rid of things. I probably threw out or donated about 10 bags worth of things. You just need to make the decision as to whether it is worth the effort of moving or not. I had some criteria that I gave myself because I have been known to keep things for silly reasons. Rules could be when was the last time you used it timeline or can you purchase an updated version at your new location for cheap.

2. Wrap your hanging clothes in garbage bags while still on the hanger. This does take quite a few bags, but it makes the transportation of them much easier. It also saves you time taking them off hangers and then back on at the new place.

3. Use clothes, towels, bedding as packaging. You have to pack these items anyway, so why not use them to fill space and protect fragile items. You can stuff these items into smaller, odd-shaped spaces so then you don’t feel like you are wasting a box. Sustainability my friends by not using newspaper or bubble wrap.

4. Use rolling suitcases to pack DVDs and books. These items are always deceivingly heavy. This way you can pack tons into one space, and the wheels make it easier to move.

The next few are helpful if you don’t plan on getting everything unpacked in a day…

5. Designate a backpack/box with important or sensitive items/documents. Being with the army there was a potential of needing several things quickly, so we needed to make sure we always knew where they were. Making a box for this made it a lot easier when Tom asked me where random Army paperwork was.

6. Know what you need right away for kids or pets and put that in the front of the moving truck.

7. Pack an overnight bag for a few days. We took a little longer unpacking, and the clothes were some of the last things we did since they were in boxes all over the house that we had used for packaging. I didn’t feel so stressed knowing that I still had clean clothes for a few days.

8. Label your boxes. This was a huge time saver. We were able to take things off the truck straight to their designated space. Yay organization! It also helped if we did need to find something quickly because we knew exactly what was in each box.

9. Save up money for eating out. The first couple days you are not going to have things set up to cook or have the food to do so. And let’s be honest, you need some lazy moments after unpacking/moving all day.

We still have a little bit to do, but we are waiting on some furniture to do so. It is starting to feel like home, so hopefully I stop feeling like I am going to be heading back to Iowa any day now. And I see several craft projects in our future!

Another thing we had to do in order to prepare was fence in our backyard for Gracie.

This was all Tom, but I had to show his handy work. He did a great job with it! We were only able to do a chain link fence with the guidelines of our neighborhood.

DSCF0778 DSCF0779 DSCF0780 DSCF0781 DSCF0783 DSCF0786 DSCF0787 DSCF0788 DSCF0789 DSCF0790

The baby gate did not fit in the opening we had. Tom made the wooden posts to wedge the gate in. And it looks like it was meant to be like that. Thanks to Tom and our buddy Martin for making it so I don’t have to have Grace on the leash to go potty! It is so great to have a yard for her.

Here is her first encounter with the yard. We have tried catching her hot laps she does, but it never fails as soon as the camera comes out she is done. Anyway, she seems to enjoy the yard!

I hope everyone had an enjoyable Memorial Day weekend remembering those who have fallen before us!

Till next time.