Baby 3: 36 Weeks

How far along: 36 weeks. This very well could be my last update.

Sex of Baby W: I think we have a middle name. Also hearing Daphne say the baby’s name is seriously the cutest thing ever.

Weight gain: I have gained 14 pounds total.

Size of Baby W: a chihuahua or a papaya

Maternity clothes: I am basically in maternity yoga pants all the time.

Baby items: We got the last few things we needed over the last few weeks. This weekend is really prep time though. We have to set up the crib again, install baby monitors, and reconfigure the car seat situation. I also need to pull out the diaper bag and pack that as well as our hospital bag. When the weekend is over we should be completely ready for this baby to be here.

Stretch marks: nothing new in this department, but the dark vertical line has shown up below my belly button.

Belly button in or out:  It is officially popping out! It is such a weird thing to see your belly button completely transform.

Sleep: is really the worst. I just cannot get comfortable at all. This week, I have started getting charlie horses in my calves. It is so painful. On the plus side, I am not having issues with needing to pee interrupting my sleep. I can usually make it through the night. I just can’t get in a decent position.

Best moment the past few weeks: getting our maternity pictures back was great. We didn’t officially get pictures done with the other two, so this was really special. Usually I dread trying to get our family pictures done, but we actually had a good time. And I just love them. We also put up the Christmas tree, and it is so peaceful and beautiful.

Worst moment the past few weeks: As far as things go, it’s been a pretty low key couple of weeks. Nothing really significant to say that has been horrible.

Miss anything: a good night sleep.

Cravings/Aversions: I have been wanting cosmic brownies.

Movement: He is moving a lot right after I eat, especially fruits. I usually feel a foot on my right side. He does some big tumbling now, and I feel hiccups at least once a day.

Symptoms/how I am feeling: Up until this week, I have been feeling good. Just this week though, I have started feeling really uncomfortable. It feels like I have a broken rib. I asked my doctor about it, and she explained that the cartilage between my ribs are expanding so it can be painful. It hurts really bad, and it’s not that he is kicking up there at all. They definitely are tender to touch and hurt like the dickens. It hurts worse throughout the day after sitting at my computer. It is like my belly pushes up on my ribs when I am sitting. I also have to pee ALL THE TIME. At my appointment this week, my doctor did say that I am three centimeters dilated and the tightness I have been feeling are actually the start of contractions. That was a huge wake up call! I have completely stopped working out to slow that down a bit. My doctor says that I could be at this stage for weeks, but she also said she would love it if I made it another week. I for sure would like to make it until next week to wrap up a few more things work wise. She did order another ultrasound to be on the safe side next week. As I mentioned in my other post this week, it was weird to talk through what to expect for labor since I have been induced with the other two. I am used to contractions starting at a 10, and this whole gradual thing is a foreign concept to me. So I feel like I am going into the unknown here with these last few weeks. Prayers are definitely welcome that everything is safe and healthy for us.

Looking forward to: Thanksgiving! It is my favorite holiday, so I am hopeful we are able to have a peaceful food-filled day.

You can read about George at 36 weeks here and Daphne here.

I would love to hear your thoughts!

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