Baby 3: 38 Weeks

How far along: 38 weeks. I can hardly believe that I have made it this far. This is the longest I have ever been pregnant, and I have no idea what is happening.

Sex of Baby W: At the ultrasound, it was confirmed that this one is still coming out male.

Weight gain: I have gained 15 pounds total.

Size of Baby W: He is the size of a Pomeranian or spaghetti squash. At the ultrasound I had last week, they shared that he was 6 lbs and 6 oz, and he is measuring a week ahead. (His head is measuring a couple weeks ahead so not sure how I feel about that.) Daphne was exactly this when she was born, and George was 5 lbs 14 oz, so it looks like little man may end up being my biggest baby yet.

Maternity clothes: Seriously, why don’t they make all clothes this stretchy?

Baby items: Nothing else is needed, but I have few things I am still eyeing that may make our lives easier in the upcoming months.

Stretch marks: I have some but for the most part it seems that my skin has stretched out nicely.

Belly button in or out:  I officially have an outie.

Sleep: Sleep hasn’t been as awful this past couple weeks. I don’t know if I am just so exhausted that I am phasing out the pain or what. I will say that I am sleeping in that half sleep phase where I am not ever fully asleep. And when the kids climb into our bed it is even worse.

Best moment the past few weeks: I had a surprise baby sprinkle at work. It was such a funny and special moment to see so many people pop into the virtual celebration. It was truly a surprise, and I was really overwhelmed by it.

Worst moment the past few weeks: We lost all of our chickens this last week due to a variety of predators. George took it really hard, and is convinced that his favorite chicken just moved next door. After a couple years of fresh eggs, it is so hard to go back to store bought eggs.

Miss anything: Being able to stand up without a sudden urge to pee. I am making the list of things I want to eat that first week: corn dogs, sushi, coffee, and a deli sandwich to just name a few.

Cravings/Aversions: I haven’t really had many cravings that I can recall. Although, being 9 months pregnant during Thanksgiving was pretty amazing. I had three thanksgiving meals in a matter of 5 hours.

Movement: He moves a lot in the morning and evenings. I have been trying to get a video so I have documentation of his crazy movements, but it’s like he knows he is being recorded every time I try.

Symptoms/how I am feeling: I definitely am feeling 9 months pregnant. Just this week, I have had bouts of nausea. I am having contractions periodically through the day. At my appointment earlier this week, I was still only dilated to a 3, but it feels like things are happening. Today, the lower back pain arrived. I do feel really silly though that I have no idea what to expect. Here I am round three, and I am clueless like I am a new mom on what gradual labor looks like. Because of that, I have been getting a lot of anxiety that I will miss the signs. I am really trying not to freak out, but it’s becoming increasingly more difficult with each day to not just hang out on the nurses line with every twinge.

Looking forward to: Having this baby in my arms!

I don’t have any updates from the other kids since at this point they were already born!

I would love to hear your thoughts!

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