Bumpdate Week 33

Week 33

How far along: 33 weeks…in the single digits of weeks left! Ahhhh!

Sex of Baby W: A boy is a noise with dirt on it.

Weight gain: I have gained 11 pounds, but it feels like so much more.

Size of Baby W: He should weigh around 4 pounds, or the size of a pineapple. It is hard to believe there is a pineapple hanging out in my stomach.

Maternity clothes: I am purely in either maternity tops or baggy/flowy items. I will say that I have been able to wear quite a few of my previously owned dresses because of their stretchy material. I can only wear my medium t-shirts (unless I want to try the crop top look) which has cut out about 85% of my t-shirt collection. Sad day, but on the flip side I am taking this opportunity to purge some shirts that I had been keeping for no reason. Donate! I have been getting self-conscious a lot because of the expanding belly and my image. I probably ask Tom at least a handful of times a day if I look OK. (I am pleased to report that he always says I look great.)

Baby items: We have really picked up our game this past month. With the help of our family, our registry doesn’t stress me out so much, and I am feeling a little more prepared with the things we need. There are only a few more things that we could use, but a lot of our bigger items have been taken care of. Now it is just those last little pieces, so if you are wanting to spoil or welcome George to the world our registries are still open at Target and Amazon! Tom and I (mostly Tom) worked on putting together the nursery furniture. We now have a crib and a couple bookshelves to add to our existing rocking chair!

Stretch marks: Not that I am aware of…

Belly button in or out: I have a flattie.

Sleep: This is getting more difficult. I flop around all night. I wake up probably every other hour because I ended up on my back or cannot get comfortable. But I haven’t had to get up to pee as often, so I guess there is a win there…

Best moment the past few weeks: Getting some more things done with the nursery

Worst moment the past few weeks: My step-grandmother had a stroke. It is hard to not be there for family. This week was also a big test in my effort to always look for the positives. Ugh sometimes life just throws you curve-balls…

dogs loving baby

I can’t help but smile with these two!

Miss anything: Shaving my legs normally. It’s like doing acrobats trying to shave my legs comfortably, which is not really possible. I miss steaks cooked the way I want. I do not like them cooked all the way, but that is the best way until George comes out. I miss eating normally, meaning I can’t lean over my plate comfortably. I am a messy/clumsy eater so I like to be over my plate like a normal person, but it makes me feel like I am squishing George and it hurts a little. Although, I am perfecting balancing plates on my belly.

Cravings: Perry Fosters BBQ. Any people from the Burg know what I am talking about? There is no way to cure this craving seeing as I am in KY and not MO.

Movement: Um this child is either 100% on or I wonder if he is alive he is so still. (Not kidding, I almost went to the hospital this weekend because he was so quiet in there.)

For the most part he is a little like this…

or this…

He has taken to sticking his hand or foot in the same spot right above my hip like he is trying to give us a high five or break out out of there karate chop style. This is a daily occurrence and now you can not only feel it but you can see him trying to protrude out of there…

He has also started rolling around which you can see, and it feels like a wave in my tummy, which I have to say is pretty cool. He still will sit mainly on my right side causing a lopsided belly. It looks and feels really odd, but I guess that is where he is most comfortable.

Symptoms/how I am feeling: I have had some discharge issues that has had to be monitored. Gross I know. I also have been having some severe tailbone pain. I can’t sit for very long before my butt is throbbing from pain. After consulting my OB, she said this is normal. However, because I broke my tailbone years ago, I am going to feel this pain even more than most women. Awesomely excruciating. George is also growing a lot faster than I am so it constantly feels like I pulled a muscle all over my stomach. I also want a nap every day. I have noticed that I have started the preggo waddle just a little bit too (more often than not it comes out when I am running to the bathroom.)

Looking forward to: Weekends. It is a time for me to relax and do lots of purging and reorganizing. Next up kitchen! We are also going to be getting our maternity pictures done soon!

33 weeks

9 thoughts on “Bumpdate Week 33

  1. I bet these seven weeks are going to go by in the blink of an eye! Are you planning to work right up until D-day? I’ve been thinking about what it’d be like trying to work while pregnant, and I just don’t know if I could do it! Work makes me so tired and I’m not carrying around a baby in my belly. Haha!

    • I hope they go fast, but yet slow at the same time you know?! I am working for two more weeks. It is actually a nice distraction. And I just sit at a desk all day, so it isn’t too bad!

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