Whole 30 Results

Hey hey hey! We made it to the end.

Looking back, it wasn’t the worst.

I still don’t feel like I was able to get the energy boost that so many others got.

And this week, it was like I was just counting down the minutes until the end.

The only side effect I felt this week was with my poops. It was really difficult to go number 2. Sorry for the TMI. My mom said she felt the same thing this week, so I am not sure if there is something there with that. We didn’t eat any different from the weeks before.

But anyway, we made it!

So was this month worth it?

Yes and no, but mostly yes.

The no is in the fact that I seriously felt no difference (other than the bodily functions this week). This makes me think that I am not that far off from this diet in general.

The yes is that I did actually lose weight; 8 lbs in fact. Y’all I am one pound away from my pre-GEORGE weight. That to me is huge. I don’t think this happened in a vacuum though. I worked my ass off, literally. I exercised every day this month. So the combination of increased activity and good nutrition I think believe did the trick. Oh and all that with finally being done nursing. Hallelujah!

Looking at the before and after photos, it is kind of astounding too. I feel like I am more myself after the babies, and I am hoping the comments of looking pregnant will stop. These are horrible quality, but I am feeling good about myself and the work I put in! Also this is the best mom swimsuit!

The other and more important yes is how eye opening it was to see where there was hidden sugar. I think it is obvious that soda and candy are sugar culprits, but I learned so much about where sugar sneaks into my diet. I mean why do they put sugar in tuna packets?

I am going to change some of our staples like salsa and spaghetti sauce to be sugar free. And we will be eating more veggie rice instead of actual rice. I think changing up some of these every day things and thinking about alternatives has been very educational.

But I will be eating hamburger buns on the 4th of July.

It’s about balance y’all.

So will I do this again? I don’t know. Right now I am thinking probably not, but sometimes a good reset is needed to force you out of habits.

However, I think I eat pretty closely to this diet anyway, so it’s more of depriving me of my balance pieces.

It is funny though, now that I can have chocolate, I am not craving it as much. At least I don’t have to be like this anymore…

So there you have it. My month of Whole 30. I finished it, and lived to tell the tale!

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