Whole 30 Week 3

This was supposed to be the week full of energy.

Y’all, I am not feeling it. Literally nothing different.

I am feeling really jaded and discouraged that we made this commitment. Seriously I need my chocolate.

I will say that this week I had my first period after almost 2 years, and I felt all the cramps, sickness, and bloating. And holy emotions…So that timing was probably not helpful in feeling the “results” of Whole 30.

I thought this month would be easy because we didn’t have any big plans, but come to find out that June is apparently the month that Columbia College has food available everyday. I don’t know how many days there have been donuts…like for real it’s been employee appreciation every day it seems like.

I attempted to eat out a couple times this week, and that is an awful experience. Tom and I went out for our anniversary, and I thought that I would be safe with a salad wherever we went. Boy was I wrong. I almost legit cried in the middle of Chili’s because there was nothing that I could eat without making like 5 changes to the menu item. It was really embarrassing how emotional I got over it. I just wanted a damn molten lava chocolate cake. And then the next outing, I was a little more prepared and researched places we could eat without any issues. But then I forgot my dressing…So I ate a salad without cheese, croutons, or dressing. No the salad was not more flavorful; I am not a rabbit.

I am telling you period emotions mixed with no chocolate is not ideal.

But I am in it to the end. I am too far now, only 5 days left.

New Recipe/Foods

Sloppy Joe Potatoes will become a new staple in our house. So yummy! I make really good sloppy joes in general, so I was nervous to switch out the ketchup and Worcestershire sauce. So I put green peppers and onions in the meat, then once in browned, I put like a cup and a half of Tessamae ketchup and a teaspoon of ground mustard into the meat. And viola, pour it over a baked potato. So good and easy!

Item Switch to Highlight

We love chips and salsa at our house. But most salsa’s have some sugar in them. Shocker. But Aldi has a brand that does not! This has reinforced that we need to go to Aldi more often. This will become a permanent switch for us.

I know this sounds like a downer post. I want to be honest that the results aren’t the same for everyone. I am feeling discouraged by the lack of reaction. However, it has pushed me to be more mindful of what has added sugar to make switches for my kids. I don’t want to be pumping them full of unnecessary sugar if I can easily buy a different product. So for that I am thankful for this.

I would love to hear your thoughts!

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