Bachelor Nick Week 1

It’s back!

And so are my weekly thoughts on the show.

First of all, I have mixed feelings about Nick being the Bachelor. While I do think he redeemed himself somewhat on BIP, I also wonder how he still has a job outside of this franchise and think he may be milking it. However, I hope he finds his happily ever after, and of course I will be tuning in every week.

  • Nick hanging out with his younger sister was really sweet. I like seeing that side of him.
  • Ughhh. Why is Chris Soules still coming back for these pre-interviews?
  • How does Nick get time off from work to do all these shows for the last couple years? I mean it says he has a job, but who has that much time off?
  • This Corinne girl has a nanny? And she wants to be taken seriously for having a multi-million dollar company? I have a feeling she is going to be the “villain” of this season.
  • Jade’s friend, Liz, is going to make things interesting. She is constantly smiling about the fact that she was a one-night stand.
  • When Taylor said that her friends called him a piece of s*#t., I am thinking that was not the best way to introduce yourself. And she just kept on cursing…
  • Jasmine brought Neil Lane! Pulling out all the stops.
  • So does Nick not remember Liz and their night of passion? Ok wait he does. This sure is awkward.
  • The girl who brought the hot dog…I have no words.
  • Alexis is an aspiring dolphin trainer? So is she actually training to be one, or does she have another job? And that is definitely a shark costume.
  • Corinne going in for the kiss-so awkward. And the other women are losing their minds watching their kiss.
  • I think Nick had a fair question wondering why Liz didn’t reach out to her in the last 9 months. It makes you think she is only here for the limelight. Why call him off the show, when she can call him on the show?
  • Corinne seems very concerned about people’s looks. That is all she can mention besides having the hots for Nick.
  • YES TO RACHEL! I liked her from the time she stepped out of the limo. Her dress is also the bomb.
  • I like what he says at the beginning of the rose ceremony about everyone is deserving of love and apologizing for not being able to give that to them.
  • I would forget their names.
  • What are you supposed to say when you are rejected on the first night. They all are trying to not seem defeated with “It’s ok.”
  • I would be asleep if I were there. How do they stay up all night in addition to drinking alcohol. Out like a light on that couch.

My favorites are Rachel, Vanessa, Danielle M, and Raven.

I am really interested at how this show will go this season. I felt like it was really focused on the physical chemistry, and is somewhat vulgar. It just seems like there will be a lot more talk about sex this season. I mean I know that this show isn’t wholesome by any means, but they at least used to have some discretion. The previews just made me feel uncomfortable about the direction of things.

I guess we will see!

This show has become quite the game. ABC has a fantasy league now that you can win prizes like a trip to the “After the Rose taping.

2 thoughts on “Bachelor Nick Week 1

  1. I don’t typically watch the Bachelor/ette, but after seeing all about it on social media lately, I was thinking I might have to check it out. Especially with the whole fantasy league!

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