October Goals

Oh hey. It’s me. It’s been a hot minute since I have been around these parts.

But, October is one of my favorite months. I love everything about October.

Before I get to my October Goals let’s see how I did in September since I have been MIA here.

  • Fitness-
    • Do yoga at least once a week-Nope. I got nothing.
    • Keep up with my 10K training-I did keep up, and I ran the race this last weekend. I matched up with my best time so I guess that is something that I didn’t do better or worse than I have before.
  • House Tasks-

    • Stain the deck-Nope.
  • Something with George
    • Play in the leaves-Fall.Is.Coming. Just arrived this week.We have no leaves to play in just yet.
    • Go to one of the state parks in our area-George and I went to Rockbridge State park and found the most marvelous creek to play in. In fact this park were we went to take our massive family pictures.


  • Something with Tom-Go to a Royals Game. Done and done. We had a fun time out with friends.


  • Something for meFigure out how to use my remote for my camera. It turns out the remote I got does not read with my camera (even though online it said it did). So I had to go buy a new one just in time to figure out the night before our family photos.


 So October, here we are.


  • Fitness-
    • Do yoga several times a week
    • Meet my step goal at least 50% of the week-I usually have a decrease in my workouts right after a race, so I want to make sure I am still being active enough.
  • House Tasks-

    • Take care of the brush pile-We just cut up a lot of dead trees, but no we need to take care of the pile it created.
  • Something with George
    • Play in the leaves-If fall cooperates.
    • All the pumpkin patches. And if I am feeling adventurous…decorating a pumpkin.
  • Something with Tom
    • Watch a new show together. We want to watch Pitch and Designated Survivor together. They are just sitting in our DVR waiting.
    • Have a bonfire. Fall is the best for bonfires.
  • Something for meFinish You Before Me. I have been trying to finish this for awhile, I just have been so busy that my downtime is literally spent asleep. So it has been hard to read more than a couple pages at a time. It’s a good book so far, so I definitely want to see how it ends. Then I want to see the movie.


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