July Goals

Somebody needs to figure out how to slow down time. Looking back, I am not really sure where June went. How is it July?

Anyway, before I go into my July goals, let’s see how I did with what I wanted to do in June.

  • Fitness-
    • Do BodyPump once a weekend.-Nope. I honestly forgot about this most weekends. I did it one time. 
    • Go through Jessica Smith’s Walk-a-Thon twice. –I did this! I did a lot of them during my lunch hour. These are great little energy boosters. I was able to do them all in my office which is small as far as open space. I even did them in my dress clothes, so they aren’t intense enough to get you gross, but they get your blood moving. They were also good to do when I was cooking and waiting for stuff to simmer or bake. Easy peasy.
  • House Tasks-we did none of this…June is blur so I honestly don’t know what happened. Oh Well.

    • Finish Living Room Wall
    • Fix the flower beds around the trees
    • Get the basement visitor ready
    • Clean the craft room
  • Something with George
    • Put up the pool-Done and Done. I think I have used it for my own personal enjoyment more than George though.
    • Get out the bubbles-We got them out a couple of times, but he ends up just putting the stick in his mouth. He does think the bubbles are fun though!
  • Something with Tom-Celebrate our anniversary this month with something simple-We were pretty lame for our anniversary to be honest. I was sick that weekend, and it just didn’t seem to be in the cards for us to do anything. We did go out to eat a restaurant we had never been to before so that is something.
  • Something for me-Advocate for myself. I know I was vague on this, and I am still not going to give much detail. I did what I needed to do, and I may be able to share with you all soon about the outcome. But maybe not. All that matters is that I put myself out there.



  • Fitness-
    • Do BodyPump once a weekend. If at first you don’t succeed, try again.
    • Start 10K training. I have signed up for another 10K in the fall, so I need to get back on the running bandwagon.
  • House Tasks-

    • Finish Living Room Wall
    • Fix the flower beds around the trees
    • Clean the craft room
  • Something with George-Introduce him to sidewalk chalk.
  • Something with Tom-Seriously we want to go to dinner and a movie. We want to go see Secret Life of Pets and have some Olive Garden. Who wants to babysit?
  • Something for mepermission to be lazy. This last weekend, I took naps every day. It was glorious. I want to enjoy this month of weekends before the hustle and bustle of the new school year starts. I want to enjoy the summer and not feel pressured to do chores or abide by a routine. (Although with a toddler in tow, routines I know are necessary.) I just want to be in the moment more this month when I am at home, and be more mindful of my self-care than my house-care.



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