Bachelorette JoJo Week 5

We are at the halfway point, and also up to the time where she decides whose families she will meet. The drama is rising.

  • I think she does fall in love with two people. Oh the irony.
  • What do you think the locals think of all these cameras and random groups just standing around waiting for instructions?
  • That hotel is gorgeous with all that character and little details.
  • Wouldn’t that be funny if Alex is on the two on one again?
  • Wow Wells admitting that he hasn’t kissed her yet. And then how random with all of them talking about it and giving him advice. Why are you giving advice on how to make the moves to someone you are also dating? Sometimes the sociology of this show is weird.
  • Why is he supposed to kiss her? Let it be natural guys. Why so much focus on Wells kissing her? There is too much pressure that he is going to over think everything.
  • That suspended pool looks really cool. It’s like a big slip and slide.
  • They had their moment! But it was a little weird that JoJo screamed, “You did it.” It just seemed like he was getting praised as a child.
  • I think JoJo is second guessing her connection with Wells. I don’t think she is believing he wants to find love. He just doesn’t seem to let his walls down for her, and he doesn’t seem to believe in finding that fairy tale love.
  • I think Wells will go to Paradise.
  • The guy coming in to get Well’s luggage was eerily creepy.
  • Poor James and his confidence amongst the guys. James you have so many people’s hearts. Your hair alone got me swooning.
  • Yes James made a goal! You are a sexy dude!
  • I feel like I shouldn’t be watching the passion between Luke and JoJo.
  • Derek looks like Jim Halpert’s brother.
  • James, this jealousy is not becoming on you.
  • I hope that there was more conversation between James and JoJo that they didn’t show, because it just seemed awkward to go from talking about Jordan to asking for a kiss.
  • JoJo is so blunt when calling out people.
  • I am not understanding where this tiff with James and Jordan is coming from. All from a poker game?
  • Jordan coming back from talking with JoJo was so awkward. Him drinking the wine and fidgeting was weird.
  • Alex and Robbie watching Jordan and James arguing was intense.
  • Whew Jordan is stewing.
  • I don’t really blame him because it was James talking behind his back, but there does seem to be some entitlement behavior going on. I really liked Jordan at first, but watching him react to Chad I can see what James was saying a little. But it also seems like James is just trying to save himself because he is feeling so insecure.
  • I would pick Chase over Derek going into the 2:1.
  • They are not good at tango.
  • Derek is going in for it!
  • Did I miss something with Chase and JoJo having issues? I am so confused.
  • It’s ok Jim (Derek), you are supposed to be with Pam anyway.
  • Also this is hilarious editing with Derek crying to “Don’t Cry for Me Argentina.”
  • Chase seems like the strong silent type that will be a protector but emotions are hard.
  • Oh.My.Goodness. Her blue dress is BEAUTIFUL!
  • I don’t understand Alex with JoJo.
  • Boom she about gave them a heart attack with the two last roses for James and Alex.
  • Aww her smile for James is very telling.
  • Alex is being a pig about it being a pity rose. She could have sent you home dude.
  • Did anyone else see Jordan arm hug James? So did they make up?
  • All these dudes have great heads of hair.
  • “My body is about 40% pizza.” Yes. True story.
My favorites: just Luke. I am done with everyone else.

I would love to hear your thoughts!

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