Bachelorette JoJo Week 3 Thoughts

This week was four hours of drama. So I have a lot of thoughts since it was stretched out over two nights. Get ready.


Here was my thought process during night one…

  • There are always those contestants that are absolutely floored that they aren’t the ones that get the one on one. Like how dare she play this game?
  • This hot yoga thing is so weird. “This angergasm looks more like an exorcism.” Yes JoJo, it is weird for us too.
  • I mean how would you not kiss holding someone like that doing the yib yab? You have to feel some connection. I feel like the producers set that one up.
  • Chad should be grateful he is on a date. He definitely looks like a dbag puffing up to everyone. Of course no one wants to go on a date with 11 other guys, but that is what you signed up for. Stop complaining.
  • Sextalks? These dates are awful. While I agree with JoJo that intimacy is important, I don’t think these dates are great for first dates. But I guess it breaks the ice.
  • Again, Chad’s approach is very aggressive and negative, however I agree with that she may have not earned that part of his history yet. Modest lady over here.
  • I love that Jordan keeps cozying up to JoJo in the audience.
  • Daniel’s hair cutting story was seriously creepy. How is he still here?
  • Evan’s stint during his sex talk…He did have the balls to say something.
  • Then the altercation with Chad…this is the start of something! Lots of trouble.
  • Chad trying to move on JoJo in front of everone…show stopper. How embarrassing.
  • “If I can’t lift weights, I am going to murder someone.” Yea because that doesn’t scream roid rage…
  • I am glad JoJo didn’t let Chad crash one of the one on one times during the group date. You don’t see that very often that they don’t let them interrupt.
  • ..Chad’s comments about Evan already having his chance at love because he has three kids. Because having kids means that you aren’t able to love again?
  • Also did we miss where Evan divulged about having 3 kids? While I am all for parents finding love, I don’t know how they do this show and spend this much time away from their kids. Just being real…I have a hard time being away from George for 10 hours.
  • Yes James T. got a date! I love him!
  • Oh Chad…you have to ask deep questions in this quick setting. Feelings are needed in this situation.
  • Evan should not have given JoJo that ultimatum. Yes bring up how he is not a good guy, but don’t make JoJo get rid of one of you right there.
  • Wow Chad. Showing jealousy much? Yes this is real life. Chad is a time-bomb waiting to happen.
  • James’s date of swing dancing is one of my dreams. (To which Tom responded with “yuck”)
  • Haha Daniel trying to give Chad advice of having a cooler head.
  • Flash dance that is swing dancing! Yes please! Make my dreams come true! James seemed to exude fun!
  • I almost choked on my drink when Daniel compared Chad to Hitler. So many thoughts.
  • Of course she is twitterpatted when James serenades her with that skyline in the background.
  • Evan telling Chris seems unnecessary. Wouldn’t the producers step in if there was a serious issue?
  • Chris telling Chad to go settle it in a way that will be well received seems like a recipe for disaster.


Here are my thoughts on night two…

  • Evan bleeding in the pool really?
  • JoJo and Jordan have the heat that is for sure.
  • I don’t think Chad ever learned how to be social.
  • JoJo really loves the two piece outfits. I am glad I am out of the social scene because I don’t see myself every feeling comfortable in those clothes.
  • Noooo I liked Christian! I am sad to see him go.
  • Yes Luke got a 1:1. And a really romantic one at that! Hopefully they have some good conversations in that time.
  • So do you think they are allowed books? I understand no magazines, but books? I mean what do they do all day? Just sit around and stare at each other?
  • The Two on One…dun dun dun. Alex and Chad. Honestly I am not really a fan of either, so this will be interesting.
  • Luke=rugged and sexy. Agreed.
  • Luke describing his military experience made me cry happy tears, and definitely makes me appreciate the life we have now. How he explained that emotions are not a positive thing in that experience definitely resonated with me. In some ways I think that is something that many of the soldiers have to learn all over again once they return. I think it is hard for them to touch that side again after things they have seen.
  • All those people with their phones taking pictures of Luke and JoJo…so many spoilers made right there. I still have managed to escape all of them!
  • The guys are really aggressive on this football date.
  • BHAHAHA Ben Roethlisberger just chilling in the stands.
  • I love that Hines has viewing parties at his house.
  • They definitely played up all this blood to be because of Chad…and it’s not.
  • Aww James has to get stitches but doesn’t go to hang out more. That’s dumb James.
  • Chad going against two veterans doesn’t seem to be the best idea.
  • Evan, why are you trying to be stylish with the football garb?
  • I would not have called the blue team winning with all the injured people.
  • I think Alex hit on the head that Chad is really insecure. I think he is the one overly sensitive to how people react to him.
  • Do you think the producers pick who is on the two on one? There always seems to be one of the most dramatic contestants on this date. I mean I know they have an influence, but do you think they absolutely pick?
  • Chad threatening to come find Jordan after the show…That doesn’t seem to be a good idea.
  • That awkward silence of all the guys on that couch…That was comical.
  • I think she is going to send both home at the end of the two on one.
  • Why are they chopping that tree? It was not in their way.
  • Chad you aren’t aggressive person? Threatened people to keep them quiet? Again no social skills.
  • JoJo, I don’t think Chad’s mom would be happy about his behavior so don’t give him a pass on this.
  • Chad whistling is creepy.
  • Chad for real all you have talked about is violence.
  • Wait Chad is a marine too? Did I miss that?
  • Bye Bye Chad.
  • I am glad she picked Alex over Chad, but I don’t think that Alex is the right guy for her.
  • Chad is back at the house…WTH. Is this a horror film.
  • Again, how is Daniel still in the house?
  • There are moments that I feel sorry for Chad, but then I realize that he really is this awful. So many good nuggets to digest here.
  • I wonder if Chad will show up on the “Men Tell All” episode.
  • Also I think Chad makes Olivia (from Ben’s season) look like a saint. Also not to toot my own horn but she liked one of my Instagram photos…No big deal.

My favorites: Luke, James Taylor, Chase, and Jordan. (same as last week)

Were you in it to win it with both episodes this week? Who are your favorites? What did you think of the “intimate” dates?

4 thoughts on “Bachelorette JoJo Week 3 Thoughts

  1. I went away for a week and missed these two episodes. So then I sat down to watch them and realized I just can’t catch up. So, I will just read your updates and pick up at the hometown dates…maybe. I just feel like the show is getting worse and worse. Also, that’s pretty cool that Olivia liked your photo! Glad Chad got the boot.

    • It wasn’t on this week so maybe you have time to catch up on last week. 😉 There are definitely parts of the show that I wonder why they are going in that direction.

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