Our Pet Peeves

Are you ready for Anniversary week? Well get ready for posts all about Tom and I this week  since we are celebrating 5 years of marriage bliss.

Every relationship has those little things that drive us crazy, so I hope that you either find these humorous or you can relate in some way (hopefully both).


What Tom does that drives me bonkers…

  1. He leaves lights on everywhere, especially in the basement and our bathroom. I hardly ever go down to the basement, so I never notice unless I come home after it’s dark. He feels the need to have the lights on at ALL times of the day, even midday when we have the perfect amount of natural light.
  2. He leaves shaker cups with shake remnants in the sink. That’s not even the bad part. He puts the lids on so tight that I can’t get them off, but then he refuses to rinse them out because of the smell. So gross. So gross.
  3. He still uses his childhood comforter. Guys this blanket is blue and green plaid and faded, and I am sure crawling with dust mites even though I sanitize wash it every other week. My vision of a beautiful made up bed will always be thwarted because of this blanket that he refuses to get rid of…that and the fact that our two dogs make it impossible to have a made up bed. I have tried to replace it with nice new very comfy spreads, and this old comforter always makes its way out of the linen closet and back on to the bed. The decision for us to have two blankets on the bed may have saved our marriage.

What I do that drives Tom bananas…

  1. She waits until I am settled and reading something online before she asks me to do things. I could be standing in the kitchen for 45 minutes, but she wont ask me to take out the trash until the moment I sit down on the couch. She could have not talked to me for 2 hours, but I will start reading an article and somewhere in her subconscious seems to be a radar that this is the time for me to do all the things she needs me to do.  (I am really bad about this…even though I swear I am not doing it on purpose.)
  2. She doesn’t always look at me when I am talking. I know she could be listening while she is doing other things or even be running to another room to grab something. But it doesn’t feel like she is listening.
  3. Volume. She listens to the TV so loud. (It’s true, I am losing my hearing due to wax build up with my weird shaped ear canals. It’s a medical issue, but thanks for bringing it up Tom.) It is a problem though when we are home on the weekends when Tom has to sleep during the day.  I can barely hear the TV, and Tom can hear it clear as a bell in the back room.

What are the quirks about your partner that irk you?

4 thoughts on “Our Pet Peeves

  1. New follower and just want to say that my husband does the same thing with the lights! I get home from work and all the lights are blazing even though no one is home. What even?! Haha. Happy anniversary to you!

  2. Hahaha! I love this. If we tried making a list like this, we’d end up in a big argument, I’m sure… so kudos to you guys!! I have a feeling these posts are going to be a blast to read. 🙂

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