Being Authentic With My Photos

Being a part-time professional photographer, I often think about the images I post on this blog.


Then I think about the time that it takes to make them look “professional.”

I don’t like editing. It probably takes me twice as long to edit photos than the normal photographer, and I am not even doing full out editing. It’s just not something I enjoy. And I don’t really want to spend a lot of my extra free time doing things I don’t enjoy. I already struggle enough with the dishes.

Then I think about the staging of photos.

So much time.

That I don’t have.

When I got serious about blogging, I started questioning a lot surrounding my photos and whether it was the “brand” I wanted to put out there.

There are so many articles about what your images say about your blog and how to

  • make them simple
  • make them cleaner
  • make them bring traffic to your blog
  • set the stage
  • make them not “just” a phone picture

So basically how to make them everything that my photos weren’t.

I started comparing my quality to those bigger bloggers and wondering how they made time to set their rooms, always have a clean space, and have time to edit these beautiful images EVERY day. Or had time to search for the perfect stock photo from the interwebs.

I could barely get one post out a week. What am I doing wrong?

I started thinking that I couldn’t call myself a professional photographer if I didn’t also translate that to the photos I was sharing on my blog. I started obsessing about bringing out the big camera to document everything for blog purposes. It didn’t really happen if it didn’t happen under this lighting, taken at this setting, and from this angle, and this angle, oh and everything needs to be clean. My life became consumed trying to be a constant photo shoot.


I was drained trying to keep up, which really I wasn’t even keeping up. I was like the little sister who was trying so desperately to be just like her much older and much cooler sister.

I also found that I was missing moments trying to capture the moments.

I have come to realize over the past year, that I don’t want to be that person who over-analyzes every photo that goes on to my blog. I can do that for my clients, but this blog is a time capsule for my life. I should be the only one dictating what goes on here.


And I also want to be authentic in how my life really is.

Sometimes (ok all the time) there is clutter in the background.

Sometimes life is blurry.

Sometimes the lighting is off.

Sometimes George people don’t want to look at the camera.

Sometimes what I see can’t be captured in a single photo.


Almost daily I see a post on how to make my Instagram/blog photos perfect. So to be honest, I have been skipping any post that mentions my every day photo compositions and what I could be doing wrong. I don’t need that game in my life right now. (I will still read things about professional photography mind you).

I want to be real here on the blog, and staging every photo that I share isn’t real. So most of my photos are from my phone because that is what is easiest for me to capture what I want to capture in the time frame I have. I want to share things, and it just isn’t realistic to do all that on the “big” camera.


I had to come to the realization that my blog photos don’t define me as a professional photographer, and they also don’t define my life as a total mess. Even though let’s be real, life with a toddler is messy (metaphorically and literally).

Now I am not knocking other people who do have beautiful photos for their blog. I admire their tenacity and ability to orchestrate that for every post. And I get it that it looks great! Even more so with those who are making money off their blogs. But the reality is, that is just not going to happen for me. And I am perfectly ok with that now. So there is no reason for me to need nice photos for every post.

So I may not have stock photos or pristine images here, but that is my life. Thank you for reading my blog despite the horrible composition and fuzzy frames.

I think my life is as close to perfect as it can get. I am finally ok with not having to prove that within every post. You can just take my word that it is awesome.



4 thoughts on “Being Authentic With My Photos

  1. I hear you, girl! Not that I take great photos ever, by any means, haha, but sometimes I feel like I spend way too much time trying to get the perfect picture for Annabelle’s monthly photos, etc…. and that is time we will never get back. It does make me think for sure.

  2. This is so me! ..Or not me. I’m guilty of not posting, simply because I don’t have a great photo to post along with my blog post. Facebook gets to see everything though. The clutter, the bad angles, the over/under exposed, bad comp… Just because I want to always be able to find those memories somewhere!

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