What I am Thinking When I Watch The Bachelor

People. I bought a magazine yesterday purely because it was a recap of all 20 seasons of the Bachelor.

I think I have a problem. This is an obsession. I NEVER buy magazines. But I had to know where everyone ended up!

And because drama loves company, I figured I would share my obsession with you.

Here were my thoughts this week watching the Bachelor:

  • Ok really, how do these people have jobs? I mean they have to take months off work. Who has that kind of time off saved? And for people who do the spin off or come on multiple shows? I really want to know if they lose their job. I am really concerned about their financial well-being once they return home. Tom thinks ABC negotiates with their employers and they get paid either way. I do also know a lot of them become sponsors of random things via social media. Or maybe this is why an occupation of “twin” is appropriate.
  • Group dates-these are so awkward. And also how do they get dressed nicely so quickly? Is someone there doing their hair and make-up?
  • Oh dear-the talent competition would be terrifying. I honestly didn’t think Olivia’s thing was that bad. I think it got played up, and it was the only girl that they put the cameras on facial expressions in the audience.
  • I could not deal with the jealousy. No wonder they all seem a little crazy.
  • This show focuses way too much on people who decide to be virgins.
  • The facial expressions are everything-the shock, trying to hide true feeling by manipulating their face to keep secrets. So many secrets…
  • Amber seems to be the one stirring the drama pot, and she talks behind people’s back a lot. I wasn’t sad to see her go.
  • My favorite line of the night from Ben-“I do have to say goodbye, because I do believe my wife is standing here.” —except I am not sure which one you are.

My top picks (because I have total say) are Lauren B, Caila, Becca, and JoJo.


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While this show may not always end up in love, I will always love this show. I just can’t help it!

6 thoughts on “What I am Thinking When I Watch The Bachelor

  1. Me too! I’m going to have to buy that magazine now. How can I not?

    I want to know if I can get the job as “twin”, even though I’m not one.

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