February Goals

This last month was crazy busy, but we accomplished a lot. I really like doing these monthly goals, so let’s see how I did with January before I share my February ones.

  • Fitness-Do 1500 squats-I got a little behind, so I had to do several hundred yesterday. Over 300 squats is no joke. I didn’t really notice a difference in my leg tone over all, but it was a great start to the year to be focused on my health.


  • House Tasks-
    • Take down Christmas decor-Done.
    • Organize/Put away George’s clothes he has outgrown-Done. Three bins worth are now in storage and two boxes to donate. Admittedly he does have a lot of clothes, but this is also clothes/shoes dating back to the 3-6 month stage. Ridiculous.
    • Sort/Donate toys-They are sorted, and I have a couple bags that are ready to get taken somewhere for donation. However we had Christmas presents take over those spaces. Why are toddler things so big?
  • Something with George-Do finger-painting. He hated it. He put his finger in it once, grimaced, then tried to run away. It turned into a horrifying slip and slide for him. Even when we tried showing him it was pudding and he could eat it, he screamed like this was his worst nightmare.


  • Something with Tom-Start watching Parks and Rec-We are a few episodes in, and we are loving it so far. It does remind me a lot of the Office. Unfortunately these days, I can’t get through more than one episode without falling asleep.
  • Something for me-Do a mommy and me photo shoot-It may have not gone exactly as planned, but we did get some shots. And they are still sitting in my camera. I haven’t had time to get them on my hard-drive yet. My goal is to share them soon!

I did everything on my list! Now here are my February Goals

  • Fitness-200 push ups. I know it doesn’t sound like a lot, but I am going to try to do a larger set every other day, which is a lot for my puny arms.
  • House Tasks-
    • Hang up photos in dining room and our bedroom
    • Clean up the yard-We have a lot of big plans for our yard this summer, but the first step is to get rid of all the sticks and leaves that have accumulated.
    • Build the dog “apartment” downstairs-Yes we are those people.
  • Something with George-build a blanket fort. I looked up toddler activities, and I have two issues. One, they are either messy, like have to take a bath messy. And after the finger painting debacle, we won’t be doing messy for awhile. Or Two, they involve a lot of stuff that we don’t have on hand or prep time that we don’t have time for. So building a fort in the living room it is.
  • Something with Tom-Go on a movie date
  • Something for me-finish some photo projects. I have several things over the last 6 months that I haven’t really had time to complete because they are just for me. So I have lots of sorting and creating I want to do with my photos.
  • I also want to blog at least twice a week. I have kind of gotten off the routine, but I have several posts that are only half written that I want to get out.

What do you want to do this month?

10 thoughts on “February Goals

  1. I am sorting through my closet and dresser – almost done!!! I am donating food to a food pantry, and caucusing tonight!!! I am continuing to try to get four workouts in per week as long as my health allows, and I want to finish three adult novels this month!

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