To The Window-To The Wall

My people, we finally have something on our walls.

It only took us 4 months, but I digress. We had them up before Christmas, I just have been slacking on writing the post.

I grappled with taking staged photos, but I am tired of stressing about that stuff. So you all are going to get the real look of our living room on a day to day basis.


I obviously love pictures so I wanted a way to display them easily. Because we take a lot of pictures, I change them often so that also needs to be easy. Tom made these floating shelves. And I love them! It is exactly what I wanted a completely changes the room. And I can change how the frames look anytime without putting more holes in the wall. And the best part is the cost. Something like this would cost lotsa monies because of the size.

So thankful for the handy husband!

Tom found boards that were the depth we wanted to make the top and bottom boards. He used pine because it is cheap and easy to work with. Pine also takes stain really well, so you can make it to look anyway you want.


Then he put 1X2 as a spacer to make a box and capped them on the end.

Once the box was made, he did a simple stain.

To hang them on the wall, he wanted to make sure they were sturdy and not going anywhere. He used flush mount hangers. One piece is screwed into the wall, while the other is screwed into the shelves. Then they slide into each other like a hand in a pocket. These bad boys aren’t going anywhere.


This whole project took Tom about an hour to complete.

It makes a huge difference in our living room. There are some pieces that I want on the adjacent wall to complete the room, but this is a wonderful start to make this place more homey and fit our style.


How do you like my end tables? Seriously though, actual end tables are coming up in the future, but we are making due right now with TV trays. Our house is a constant work in progress. Thank you Grace for your modeling skills.

How do you display your photos? Does you pet like to pose for you?

6 thoughts on “To The Window-To The Wall

  1. LOVE the shelves!! That’s a great idea! I may get Dan to make some of those when we move! Also, we had crazy end tables too (tiny ones from my grandparents’ house when I was a kid!), but we’ve been working on redoing one room at a time… so we’re slowly accumulating actual nice things. It’s SUCH a work in progress!

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