Reality TV Thoughts

It has been a hot minute since I let you in on my thoughts about any TV shows. Well wait no more!

Right now it seems like all I am watching is reality TV with the extended breaks TV dramas are now taking in the winter months. I feel like the breaks are getting longer and longer every year.

Anyway, here are three shows that have my attention right now.

American Idol

I will be honest, I have never watched this show before. I really had no intention to for this farewell season, but my heartstrings were pulled. The radio station I listen to has been having contestants on each day, so I was curious by their stories. And after four episodes, I am hooked. I love the judges. I love every one of them individually, but they are great together as well. They play off of each other really well. It is very similar to So You Think You Can Dance, and I love watching the personal stories come out. Tom has been watching with me too, so that has been fun. Normally we don’t watch current TV shows together-Netflix is our thing. He was in choir in high school so I think he gets into the singing more than he lets on. I am not going to pick any favorites until I see more with Hollywood week. Athough Dalton who sang Phantom in kind of alternative rock is great, as well as the marine cowboy, John Wayne. So maybe I do have some favorites…

The Biggest Loser

We’re one week away from the most tempting season yet! #BiggestLoser

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I enjoy this show, but I think it may be on its way out. They changed a lot this season, with one change being Alison Sweeney no longer being the host. She was one of my favorite parts of the show, so I was sad to see that change. I am rooting for the father/daughter couple on the black team. They just have a sweet story, but obviously not sweet enough for me to remember their names. With that, I haven’t really felt connected to many contestants so far. They are still trying to build things up right now. It just feels a lot slower than past seasons.

The Bachelor

He's everything you've Ben waiting for! #TheBachelor premieres TONIGHT at 8|7c on ABC. 🌹♥️🍷🍾😘

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Ben may be one of my favorite Bachelors. He is right up there with Sean Lowe for me. He is super awkward though, and I LOVE it! I have no idea what Lace is still doing there, because by his facial expressions he doesn’t seem to understand her or like her. There seems to be a lot of superficialness going on right now. Since there have been so many years, really anything goes, including past contestants coming back. I love Becca though, so I am excited to see how their relationship goes. My other favorites for Ben are Lauren B and JoJo. Along with Lace, I can’t really do Olivia or the twins anymore. The twins just seem too young and high maintenance for Ben. Olivia’s mouth frightens me, plain and simple. To give her the benefit of the doubt, I think they are making her a villian out of small things. I think it is fair for her to want as much time with Ben, maybe how that comes off to us makes it seem worse than it is. I guess we will see how the drama unfolds.

There is something crazy fun about reality TV. I love the real stories coming out in these Hollywood creations.

Do you watch any of these shows? Do you have any favorite contestants?

10 thoughts on “Reality TV Thoughts

  1. I love, love, LOVE the Bachelor and want your updates back every week!! I cannot stand the twins. Especially when their bios say “Occupation: Twin”. I’m pretty sure you don’t get paid to be a twin, unless you are taking your clothes off. Olivia looks like a cracked out Cameron Diaz and last night, I saw how emotional she was over her cankles. Poor Olivia. *sighs*

  2. Of course I’m watching and loving the Bachelor this season! I was a big American Idol watcher but haven’t watched it in several years, but I think I want to start watching once they start Hollywood week. I remember being like 13 and watching Kelly Clarkson sing “A Moment Like This” after being announced the winner!

  3. I love the early stages of AI also, and hearing everyone’s stories. After that, meh.. It’s been YEARS since I’ve watched the bachelor, but I should prob switch over to it while John is asleep on the couch.

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