It’s Been a Good Year As a Fan

At least for me it has.

I am not fair-weather fan, which means I have endured many losses and disastrous seasons with the teams I support. I don’t know much about stats besides total wins and losses. I just watch to see a good game and to cheer on my teams. With the joy of seeing this year unfold, there have been many heartaches getting to this spot.

I am a Royals fan.


I am a Chiefs fan.


I am a Clemson fan.


These are underdog teams that many people have not seen coming this last year. You can tell by the commentators on ESPN and sportscasters during games. Underestimating!

This year, my teams are killing it! All of them!

So this is what it feels like to be a winner?

I think I like it here!

The Royals won the World Series! I still get tickled saying that.


The Chiefs won their first playoff game in 22 years this weekend. They dominated that game really.


True story, my undergrad band played a halftime show at a Chiefs game. So much fun!

And my Alma mater Clemson is going to the National Championship tonight! (Also a long time coming since the last occurrence was in 1981.)


To see all of my teams on the big stage in playoff territory has been incredible. I have loved watching them for years, but to see them get these accolades is amazing.


I also am slightly obsessed with Dabo. I super fangirled out both times that I have met him (Seriously, I practically jumped over tables and tackled him to get a picture). I was attending Clemson when he started his head coaching career, and it has been amazing to see him do what he does and how far he has come.

Meeting Dabo

I didn’t miss a home game during my time at Clemson. Some of my favorite memories were in that stadium rooting on the Tigers.

Clemson 1Clemson 2

I can hardly believe this is all happening. I love being a sports fan of all these teams! This year has been extra special for all this to happen at the same time!

Taking a cue from my friend and fellow Tiger (and KC fan), Dan, this is how I feel about this year.

Here’s to the underdog! It’s our year to shine!


Can I get a Cadence Count?

Are you watching the game tonight with Clemson/Alabama? Who are you rooting for?

4 thoughts on “It’s Been a Good Year As a Fan

  1. I had to root for Clemson as a fellow ACC graduate (I also hate the University of Alabama). ’99 was a good year for my sports teams. The Braves made the World Series, the Broncos won the Super Bowl, and Tech played in the National Championship. Now to repeat that success.

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