Monthly Update on 35 before 35

It’s a new year, and new things to mark off the list hopefully.

1. Crochet something else besides blankets or scarves at least once a year (2013, 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019, 2020)

2. Do a photography challenge (Took pictures once a week George’s first year)

3. Visit 5 cities I have never been to before (8/5)

4. Tour at least one a winery, brewery, or distillery

5. Send at least 5 snail mail a month

6. Become a “professional” photographer

7. Run at least 10 races (any distance) (5/10)

  • I have several races picked out for the year! Here’s hoping for some good training!

8. Go camping with Tom

9. Pay for the car behind me in a drive through

10. See Tyrone Wells live as many times as possible

11. Tour Fort Defiance here in Clarksville

12. Water ski with my dad

13. Do a 5K with my mom

14. Take a swing dance class with Tom

15. Read at least one fun book a month and one professional development book every three months

16. Take a pottery or stained glass class

17. Do one new recipe each month

  • Mac and Cheese bites-I combined two recipes, which I need to write down because they were delicious. I made them twice for the holiday festivities. And they heat up nicely as left overs as well.
  • Potato Rounds-I made these for our appetizer Christmas meal with my mom and brother. They were pretty easy to make!
  • Pancakes-Tom and I want to start a tradition of making a huge breakfast on Christmas day. This year, I made pancakes from scratch. They were pretty delicious if I do say so myself.

18. See both a Clemson and UCM football game live

  • Clemson is playing Monday for the national title! Wahoo, waa-aa-aa-hoo!

19. Find a place to volunteer on a regular basis

20. Go hiking

21. Ride in a hot air balloon

22. Go to at least 20 “new to me” restaurants. (29/20)

23. Stay at a bed and breakfast

24. Spend a day without electronics (phone, t.v. and computer)

25. Do something unique and new for my birthdays

26. Explore Nashville while we live here

27. Watch at least 10 movies that I have not seen before that won Best Picture at the Oscars and at least 20 documentaries (not necessarily Oscar winning) Movies (3/10); Documentaries (7/20)

  • The Greatest Show on Earth won best Best picture in 1953, so the filming was outdated. I love old movies so this was right up my alley. It wasn’t the greatest movie, but it was cute. There were some fun cameos in the circus audience like Bing Crosby. It had an element of a documentary with a fiction storyline under it.

28. Sew an item of clothing from scratch

29. Do a personal devotional/bible study on my own

30. Be a mascot for an event

31. Go on our honeymoon (preferably somewhere tropical)

32. Host an annual NCAA Basketball Tournament Championship game party

33. Go on a mission trip

34. Be on a recreation volleyball team

35. Become a mom

Not too many things, but progress is progress.

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