Road Trip For the Record Books

This last weekend marked the first time that I traveled with my in-laws. And we did the trip up.

Meaning, all eight of us (6 adults and two children) rode in a Ford Transit van on a 9 hour journey to Ohio for a wedding.


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Surprisingly, we did fairly well considering the times of day we traveled and that George is 16 months old.

Here was our trip in pictures and videos. Enjoy.

(The ones that look professional are from the bride’s uncle. Excuse my phone quality on the rest.)


George loved all the free hotel goodies. He toted them around as prized possessions.


George with his Auntie Em and Grandma. It was nice to get some quality family time, and have people to help corral this VERY mobile guy.


George was a trooper throughout the weekend.  He stayed up later than normal, ate differently, and was constantly taken from one place to another (many times asked to sit still for ridiculous amounts of time on a toddler’s schedule).


George’s bedhead game is pretty strong. He also likes to play with things that are not toys.


Like this staircase. He wanted to climb up and down this all weekend long. He does well going up, but he hasn’t mastered going down gracefully enough yet so one of us was always near the stairs.


The place of the wedding and where we stayed were on Ohio State’s campus. I loved that we could overlook the stadium from our hotel room. That campus is massive. Be still my Student Affairs heart.


Don’t mind the baby prison behind George. Tom’s birthday happened to be the same day of the wedding. We planned a little surprise for him, and George loved the little blowers.

It's not our house 🙂 @scglinn

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My niece made a list of activities for us to do before the wedding, and one of them was jumping on the bed. George was not as much of a fan of the jumping. He will learn that this is what you do in hotels.


Here we are hiding from Tom.

Surprise! #hubbysbday

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Tom turned 31 on the trip, and we celebrated with a decorated hotel room and cheesecake. We forgot a fork so he ate it with the ice tongs in our room.

She is his protector 👫

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I love them together.


This was so very thoughtful for them to have this already set up for George for the dinner. The food at this wedding was FANTASTIC!


I have two kids living under my roof. Never mind that Tom is older than I am.

George was a dancing machine this weekend. #toddlermoveslikejagger #dappergeorge

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George was so fun to watch dance. He has this penguin dance move that pretty much stole the show. He would also clap and throw his hands back like he was an umpire yelling safe. He wouldn’t let me record his dancing from the front. Every time I tried he would run away, most likely to the giant staircase or the blue lights.


It’s not very often we get a night out as a family, so I tried to enjoy the time that we had.


Little man is a partier like his daddy. He lasted until 11pm before he passed out in my arms.

He even slept well in a crib that wasn’t his own! Tom and I actually got normal sleep which has not been the case when we travel with George.

I am being punished this week though for making George endure this road trip. He starts throwing a fit the minute I open the car door and he eyes the carseat, and won’t stop yelling at me until we get where we are going. The only thing that calms him down is me singing the ABCs. So that has been fun.


 We had a great time, but I think it will be awhile before all 8 of us are in the same car again. I love y’all but I need some me time!

Have you road tripped with the entire family? What are your favorite dance moves?

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