Finding My Yellow

As I near another anniversary on this blog (2 years this Friday), I started to really think about the direction I wanted to go with this space.

I first started out just wanting to document the months that Tom was away on his first deployment. It was an avenue for me to share my experiences and anxiety that came along with being an Army spouse. I shared some joys too as I took the time to reflect on various things and shared the crafts that kept me preoccupied.

I have spent the last two years tweaking this space as Army Crafter. It has developed into something much more than I ever dreamed of. I remember thinking that I would not continue this blog after that deployment, and we see how well that plan worked out for me.

Things are changing rapidly in our lives. We are growing our family, and our jobs will be changing here in the future along with a move back to our homestate.

Army Crafter just didn’t seem to fit what I wanted my little space in the Blogosphere to be anymore.

We are going to be transitioning out of the military here in the next year. And let’s be honest, I haven’t had a craft in every post for months. So it just isn’t really jiving with the way the blog has taken off for me. I wanted this blog to have a little more sustainability than I felt Army Crafter was allowing me.

I have thought about changing this for months now, and titles have been coming and going as I pondered what I wanted this blog to be.

I read a book a while back that had a saying about a yellow umbrella amongst the gray storms. It was a little more poetic than that, but hopefully you see that it meant that even if our life is chaotic and not how we thought it may be, there is always a positive outlook. Something bright and cheery, like a yellow umbrella in rain.

That yellow imagery really stuck with me. For one it is my favorite color, and two looking for positives in a mess was kind of the story of my life this last year.

With things continuously changing for us, I want to always be looking for positives and be ever thankful. No matter how gray or blah it may be with the storm, there is always a yellow umbrella. (I like this better than the silver lining garb.)

While I wanted a title with yellow umbrella in it initially, my quest for the perfect title came up empty thanks to “How I Met Your Mother.” Also, I didn’t want Rihanna’s voice to appear in your head every time you visited some variation of under my umbrella.

So I settled on “Finding My Yellow” as my new official domain.

This blog is for me to share pieces of my life with the world, but I also want it to be a constant reminder to me to keep searching for my “yellow.”

Army Crafter served me well for the past two years, but I am excited to see what life brings as I find my yellow.

So I hope you continue to follow along on this new journey!


Now, it is going to take me a few days to change everything over and overhaul some areas of the blog, so just bare with me as I do so. In theory, should just redirect you to my new site, but in case it doesn’t you can start following me for good now on



10 thoughts on “Finding My Yellow

  1. Loving this change Stephanie! It’s only appropriate that things with this space shift as your life is making a major shift. Also, complete side note – totally ready to get back in the groove with Nudge. ๐Ÿ™‚

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