I Must Confess

In an effort to show the realness of my life and let others share in my not-so-perfectness, there are just a few things I must confess.

I must confess that I buy XL Kids jackets and fleeces from Northface. I can get fleeces for half the price by buying in the kid’s section. And props that there is a place designated for me to write my name inside the jacket–in case I loose it before recess.

I must confess that I still wear the pregnancy belly band when I wear a certain pair of dress pants. (George is almost 8 months old.) I really should just buy a new pair of pants that fit. All the rest have transferred well to my post-pregnancy hips, but just this last pair is being stubborn and refusing to button. And I refuse to buy a new pair at this point because everything else about these pants are perfect (pocket placement and size, leg width, etc.), and I hate having to look for a new pair that fits all my specifications. Anyone with me?

I must confess that I have TWO food drawers at work. I am seriously hungry all the time. There is a little bit of healthy like nuts and granola, but a whole lot of not healthy like donuts and airheads. Maybe this is why that black pair of pants eludes me and not my birthing hips…

I must confess that when I wear a skirt or a dress it is pretty much a guarantee at this stage of my momhood that I am going to flash someone with my undies. George doesn’t wait for ladylike behavior.

I must confess that I have a five minute video of George staring at me because I was convinced that he was going to start crawling. He didn’t.

But I do have this gem.

I must confess that some nights I let Grace or Crosby help “clean” (lick) George after he eats because it suppresses the meltdown that ensues when I try to wipe his face with a baby wipe and signal that meal time is over. So instead of screaming at me, he is laughing at the dogs. Judge away if you must, but everyone in our house is happy. You may think #momfail but I think #momwin.

I must confess that our kitchen looks like this 6 days out of the week. Ok I must confess, it looks like this every day of the week. It only gets clean when we know people are coming over.


But my office looks like this every day of the week. And no I didn’t straighten this up, I promise. I clean up after every appointment, and this was right before I headed out one day. Everything has it’s place and stays in it’s place. I don’t like students coming into my clutter.

My office

I am not really sure why we can’t keep a handle on things cleaning wise at home. I am in constant shock on how fast dishes, clothes, and mail pile up in places. I digress though. I would much rather sit on the floor (which probably needs to be vacuumed) playing with my kid or catch up on Ellen than spend an hour cleaning every day. But just know that if you make a surprise visit, my house will not be clean, and I will be mortified.

What are your confessions? How do you keep your house clean? (It’s by magic isn’t it?)


I feel like all of my posts lately have been baby related, so I figured I would do something a little random and make some confessions to you.

Also I make no promises that a baby won’t be mentioned.

1. I confess that I have been struggling as a dog mom lately. We have been having some chewing issues lately when Tom and I are out. (Clarification:  That is Grace and Crosby with the chewing problem, not Tom and I.) And I don’t know what else to do because our go tos are not working. We are on the struggle bus.

2. I confess that I am also tired of cleaning up Grace puke, which has been an all too common occurrence because she eats too fast and chokes herself.

3. I confess that Crosby has stolen my heart with how he follows me everywhere. He could be sound asleep on the couch but if I get up to do anything he jumps to be my sidekick and protector. I think he knows the baby is coming. (Maybe that’s why they have been nutso…)

4. I confess that I get sucked into TV shows (especially those that I binge watch) and sometimes forget that it is not real life. When I watched The West Wing, I was really confused that it wasn’t real news.  Right now, I seriously think that the characters of Bones are my real life friends. I am totally a scientist…


image via

5. I confess that stores bringing “back to school” items on the shelves makes me want to buy lots of pretty notebooks and planners.

6. I confess that it does not fully feel like summer to me because I have yet to be in a floating device in a lazy river (real river or swimming pool river). I have been to both a river and a swimming pool, but the floating device is clutch in my summeriness.

7. I confess that I have to set the alarm to account for a cushion because I will hit the snooze button. There have been periods of my life where I had to set it at least an hour ahead because I would hit it that many times…now it is just one. That’s what I call progress.

8. I confess that sometimes I forget what I write in the blog. Then when I am having face to face conversations and people reference something I said, I will think “How in the world did they know that about me??!?!? CREEPER!” Then I remember I am a blogger and am grateful that people actually read what I write.

9. I confess when someone says, “Smile” for pictures, even if I am not in it, I will smile for the camera that I am not in front of. I find myself cheesing up even when the staging is occurring on TV or I am behind a mask.

10. I confess that my favorite part of our prenatal class is making mental bets on which person wont make it to the break to use the bathroom.

11. I confess that this morning I put my contacts in the wrong eyes, so my eyes were attacking the contacts all the way to work this morning until I realized what I did and switched them. The prescription is drastically different in both eyes, so it is amazing that I made it to work alive on that blurry vision. You know it’s going to be a good day…

Can you relate to any of these? Any confessions you want to make?