Christmas 2016

This space is a place to be a scrapbook of sorts for my family. I want to remember this Christmas because there were so many good moments.


I want to remember riding in a limo with my family to go look at Christmas lights around town. I want to remember how George went nuts because he was car-seat free.


I want to remember how excited George was when we put the Christmas tree up.

I want to remember that despite George having a fever and a respiratory issue, we managed to make all Christmases with very little tantrums.


I want to remember how emotional I was singing in the choir and seeing the congregation sing Silent Night in A Capella during the candlelit portion.

I want to remember how George was very involved with his Nativity set and getting everyone like his Paw Patrol Pals and tractors to see the baby Jesus and Yo Mama (George’s name for Mary).


I want to remember how I started to unpack and decorate the house then put most of the decorations back because George was climbing everything to get to the Santas-that are all breakable.

I want to remember that George got his first electric train, and that my grandpa (who is obsessed with trains as well) was there to see George’s face.


I want to remember that George helped pass out presents, but then tried to open everyone’s along the way.

I want to remember that the first gift George opened on Christmas day, he tore off a small piece at a time and had to put each piece in the trash bag before pulling off another small piece.

I want to remember our first annual cookie decorating for our neighbors.


I want to remember making my mom’s Breakfast Surprise for the first time on Christmas morning.

I want to remember that George had to play with every toy and read every book before going on to the next present.


I want to remember that his favorite gifts were cheap tractors and a Thomas the Train puzzle.

I want to remember cousins at Christmas in matching get ups-jammies and public service.

I want to remember the moments in between the craziness.


Talks with Tom #16

One of my husband’s talents is making up song lyrics to existing song rhythms. This is often how we pass the time on long car trips.

This holiday themed song was set to Miley Cyrus’s “Wrecking Ball.” So sing it along with the tune.

I came in like a Christmas tree.

You were just so big and tall and green.

I covered you in ornaments,

and canes that taste like peppermints.

They grew you till you were 6ft tall,

and cut you down with an axe.

Took you to a tree yard and strapped you to our roof rack.

I just can’t believe I had to pay $15 dollars for a dead tree.

I could go into the woods behind my house,

and get one of you for free.

We have been singing this all week.

I know many of you are wondering why I don’t just record Tom singing this lovely parody, well I am pretty sure I would find my phone in the toilet if that were to occur. He is super creative, but can get a little camera shy. Someday, I will be lucky to do capture these moments. For now, you will just have to use your imagination.

Enjoy humming this tune for the rest of you day. You can’t deny that her songs are catchy.