Crochet Wavy Baby Blanket

My niece wanted to model off the blanket. She also insisted on taking my scrap yarn for a necklace.

1220141639I recently made this blanket for my cousin who is due any day now with her baby boy. There have been three babies (hers included) in the last year on my dad’s side. So many great-grandbabies for my grandparents!

I had been avoiding chevron patterns for a long time because every one that I had seen seemed really complicated. This one is more wavy than chevron but it is pretty close.

I used Vanna White yarn. Did you know that Vanna had her own yarn line? It is not traditional baby yarn, but it was hard to find these colors in traditional baby style. It is still soft in my opinion. I used two skeins of each color.

I used this video as my guide. I am really loving using Youtube for patterns!

I really loved how it turned out, and it was really easy unlike many other chevron patterns I have attempted.

I have another blanket I need to make for another bundle of joy maybe arriving on my birthday. I also have some other blanket projects up my sleeve. Time to put to use that gallon trash bag of yarn we moved. (Yes this is true life.)

Any good patterns you would like to see me try?

Granny Square Crochet

I just love crocheting.

This most recent creation was for my cousin who is expecting a girl here real soon.

Her last child absolutely adored the blanket I made for her. (Not to toot my own horn…I think it was just opportune.) She drags the thing everywhere and cuddles with it at the most random times I have been told.

So when making this one for her new little sister, I knew that it needed to be a soft blanket with the potential to be another snuggle object.

I used this video as my pattern.

I am not really sure why I had been avoiding doing granny square patterns. It is actually really simple once I got started. I think following the video really helped.

I used Baby Bee yarn. It is super soft. Something I didn’t notice until after I started was that they were not all the same weight of yarn. I don’t think it made a difference once it was all together, but some were thicker than the others. They were all in the same section so I didn’t even bother to check.

I really do love the colors. Sweet and romantic. Perfect for a new little girl in the family.


I used a J hook. If I were wanting it to be a blanket for more warmth than snuggle, I would use a smaller hook size and all thick yarn. But the outcome was perfect for what I wanted for this little lady.



I did a simple crab stitch for the border.

It took me about a month to complete this. I didn’t even use a full skein of yarn in each color.

Even if the new little girl doesn’t like it, I think big sister will have no issue making use of the blanket.


Or she will learn the value of sharing…


I hope they enjoy it, and I can’t wait to see pictures of the new baby!

Now I can focus on a few projects for George. Some are even going beyond my normal blanket expertise. Get excited!

Crochet Wavey Baby Blanket

I started off with blankets when I learned how to crochet. I still remember that peach yarn that my dad taught me how to do rows on when I was 7 years old. That was surely the ugliest blanket ever because of all the big holes of uneven stitches and rounded bumps on the end that were supposed to be my turns. But you have to start somewhere.

Since I have been doing blankets for 21 years now, they are my go-to gifts. I love making blankets for people.

Recently, some friends of ours had a baby boy come into the world. I wanted to give them something from Aunt Steph and Uncle Tom.

I found this pattern to do a wave effect.

I used this yarn. I did used the same number of skeins that she suggested in the pattern.

Wave Crochet Baby Blanket

I love this brand for baby stuff, especially if you just need solid colors.

I used a 6.5 (K) hook instead of what she suggested. This is my go-to hook size for pretty much everything.

The first couple rows were obnoxious, but they usually are while you are trying to get things started. And it certainly didn’t look like waves until about 5 color swaps in.

Wave Crochet Baby Blanket

Once I got into a groove it moved really fast. I was able to complete this in a couple weeks. It is a little big for a new baby, but I tend to go big on blankets unintentionally. However, I want to put out there that I followed her pattern! (Ok maybe not to a tee since I used a different hook, but it was the same amount of yarn…) At least a baby can grow into it!

Wave Crochet Baby Blanket

I really love this pattern. It is so fun! And the colors turned out great together!


I have so many blankets I need to finish in the upcoming months. I have two in progress right now, unfortunately they are both patterns that I get bored easily with so I have to switch back and forth. I better get cracking!

I also forgot to mention that I did my first ever guest post this last weekend! You can read here to see what I wrote about my favorite chick flicks! Thanks to Chelsea from Anchors Aweigh for letting me take over her blog for a day!