Crochet Wavy Baby Blanket

My niece wanted to model off the blanket. She also insisted on taking my scrap yarn for a necklace.

1220141639I recently made this blanket for my cousin who is due any day now with her baby boy. There have been three babies (hers included) in the last year on my dad’s side. So many great-grandbabies for my grandparents!

I had been avoiding chevron patterns for a long time because every one that I had seen seemed really complicated. This one is more wavy than chevron but it is pretty close.

I used Vanna White yarn. Did you know that Vanna had her own yarn line? It is not traditional baby yarn, but it was hard to find these colors in traditional baby style. It is still soft in my opinion. I used two skeins of each color.

I used this video as my guide. I am really loving using Youtube for patterns!

I really loved how it turned out, and it was really easy unlike many other chevron patterns I have attempted.

I have another blanket I need to make for another bundle of joy maybe arriving on my birthday. I also have some other blanket projects up my sleeve. Time to put to use that gallon trash bag of yarn we moved. (Yes this is true life.)

Any good patterns you would like to see me try?

I would love to hear your thoughts!

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