Hitting Thirty

There is something about 30 that seems so adult.


It is appropriate that the year that we (Tom and I) turn thirty is when every thing came together for us as adults.

Today is Tom’s birthday.

My Tough Guy

He has the job of his dreams.

He has a miracle baby.

I am a pretty good catch if I may say so.

Yep his adult life is pretty good.

I think that his 30th year is going to be his best yet!

Tom, here are some things to consider now that you are in your thirties.

I am so proud of my hubster and all that he has been through to get him to where he is today.

I hope that he has the best day. (He will say it is pretty awesome. They are at the gun range all day at his job, and we will end it at a Mexican restaurant tonight.)

Our family pitched in to give him an Xbox one for Christmas and birthday, but I wanted to do something from just me too.

And who doesn’t love celebrating birthdays but also extending it into a birthday week (or in this case 10 days)? I saw a lot of people do 12 days of Christmas with their families, and I thought it would be easy to do something similar for his birthday.

I have 10 days worth of gifts. If you want to see what he gets, I will post the goods once he opens them on Instagram.

Here is today’s gift.

2015-01-02 06.35.41

Because nothing says your thirty like an early Taylor Swift.

Here are birthday posts from the last two years here and here. So much has changed since those posts!

Happy Birthday Tom! Here is to many more together!

4 thoughts on “Hitting Thirty

  1. Happy birthday to Tom! I always heard people say that the 30’s were when their lives came together and they really enjoyed themselves. Although I’ve only been 30 for a few months, I have to agree. I find that I’m more confident and I’ve learned to accept myself in ways that I didn’t in my 20’s. Plus, life is coming together more career-wise. Hopefully it’s a great decade for you both!

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