Granny Square Crochet

I just love crocheting.

This most recent creation was for my cousin who is expecting a girl here real soon.

Her last child absolutely adored the blanket I made for her. (Not to toot my own horn…I think it was just opportune.) She drags the thing everywhere and cuddles with it at the most random times I have been told.

So when making this one for her new little sister, I knew that it needed to be a soft blanket with the potential to be another snuggle object.

I used this video as my pattern.

I am not really sure why I had been avoiding doing granny square patterns. It is actually really simple once I got started. I think following the video really helped.

I used Baby Bee yarn. It is super soft. Something I didn’t notice until after I started was that they were not all the same weight of yarn. I don’t think it made a difference once it was all together, but some were thicker than the others. They were all in the same section so I didn’t even bother to check.

I really do love the colors. Sweet and romantic. Perfect for a new little girl in the family.


I used a J hook. If I were wanting it to be a blanket for more warmth than snuggle, I would use a smaller hook size and all thick yarn. But the outcome was perfect for what I wanted for this little lady.



I did a simple crab stitch for the border.

It took me about a month to complete this. I didn’t even use a full skein of yarn in each color.

Even if the new little girl doesn’t like it, I think big sister will have no issue making use of the blanket.


Or she will learn the value of sharing…


I hope they enjoy it, and I can’t wait to see pictures of the new baby!

Now I can focus on a few projects for George. Some are even going beyond my normal blanket expertise. Get excited!

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