I recently received my second complimentary box from Influenster.

I really enjoy being part of this community because it gives me a chance to try new products and items that I may not otherwise look twice at. The last box encouraged me to switch my eye shadow, so I was excited to see if there was anything that would change my routine this go around.

Here is what I received:

2014-06-30 19.53.24

1. Jamba Juice Smoothie Kit coupons:  I was really pumped to see this in my box because I have a smoothie every single morning on my way to work. I thought it would be good to try this brand to see if it was better than my other frozen fruit options. The bags are normally about $3 and say they are a 2-4 serving. I used a whole bag for one morning. There was nothing special about this bag, and I think you can get more out of your money buying the large store brand bags. It literally was just frozen fruit in a small bag. Mind you it was still good, but I don’t think the price is worth it considering the other options I have.

2. Hawaiian Tropic Silk Hydration After Sun:  I don’t normally get sun-burned so I was a little skeptical about this product working. Plus, since being pregnant my skin hasn’t seen a lot of sun, so I wasn’t sure if this would be used any time soon. I did end up joining my family for some pool time on July 4th and was able to get some adequate rays. Just to safe guard against any sun affects, I used this that same night. I wasn’t really impressed. It was a thick gel that was kind of sticky going on. It also wasn’t very refreshing as I feel most after sun products are. Not so much a fan.

3. First Aid Shot Therapy:  I did not try this purely because I am pregnant. I have been trying to stay away from any medications if I can, so this just went into one of our camping prep bags for emergency use later on. I feel like it would be really handy on long races though.

4. Sinful Colors Professional Nail Polish:  I am glad this was in the box. I am always skeptical buying new polish and trying different colors. I haven’t used it yet because I haven’t had the time to sit and do my nails in the past week, but I am sure that this will go to good use. I feel like it is a color that you could use any time of year too.

5. COVERGIRL Bombshell Curvaceous by Lashblast Mascara:  I love CoverGirl! They were my first make-up product when I was 13, and I have been hooked ever since. Mascara is also that one make-up item that I rarely leave the house without. So naturally this was the item I was most pumped about! It is a combo mascara with two different applicators that you layer on each other for a real pop factor. CoverGirl mascara is my favorite mascara by far, and rarely (if ever) have I been disappointed. Until I used this. It really isn’t that bad of  a product, but it is really difficult to apply. The casing is really bulky, and I can’t get the wand into the corners of my eye very easily because the base runs into my cheeks. I feel like it causes a real uneven layering because I have to position the wand in weird ways to reach all of my lashes, whereas other wands I can hit all the lashes in one direction. I think this is what has caused some clumping, I think if the body of the casing wasn’t so thick I wouldn’t have any issues. The other qualm I have is that it is really hard to clean off. I normally wear waterproof mascara, which is traditionally difficult to get off. I have no problem getting that off, but this product I had to clean my eyes, wash my face, then clean my eyes again, and then I would still wake up with some mascara left under my eyes. So sadly, even after trying to make it work for a week, I was not a fan. I will be sticking to my other Lashblast mascara.

While this box was kind of a bust for me, I still really enjoyed getting the box. It enables me to try some new things, as well as appreciate products that I have been using for years.

I did receive all of these complimentary for the review, and these thoughts are my own. If you are interested in getting a box (you don’t have to be a blogger), just let me know, and I can send you an invite. They are a fun surprise! The community is also really easy to navigate. The more you interact the more they will be able to find boxes that fit your style and needs. It is really versatile, and you can use it a lot or hardly at all. I have really enjoyed it so far!


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