Baby 3: 21 Weeks

How far along: 21 weeks

Sex of Baby W: It was confirmed at my appointment yesterday that he is still a boy. We have a first name picked out, but the baby may come out before we can decide on a middle name.

Weight gain: I am finally turning the tide of gaining weight. I have made up for the weight I have lost so far and am now up 2 pounds.

Size of Baby W: a baseball cap

Maternity clothes: I fully have a bump, but I only wear maternity clothes when I have to leave the house for appointments. Otherwise I have fully embraced the legging lifestyle while staying at home. Which is probably best because I gave away all my maternity clothes so I am going as long as I can in my active wear.

Baby items: We are going through the stuff that we still have to see what is still needed since we gave so much away after Daphne. The clothes we kept are completely off season since Daph and George were summer babies, so there are some gaps in what he may need in the first year. I did buy some newborn clothes because I couldn’t help myself.

Stretch marks: I have a few on my hips, but I don’t think those had gone away from the last pregnancy.

Belly button in or out:  It is starting to flatten out, but it is still in.

Sleep: Sleep is not great. I fall asleep fine, but it’s like I am in that light sleep all night. My back is always so stiff in the morning from laying in one position. But then I can have a great nap on the couch or in Daphne’s toddler bed.

Best moment the past few weeks: Seeing the baby during the 20 week ultrasound yesterday. It was great to see his little profile and seeing him wiggling around in there. Everything is looking good and measuring perfectly.

Worst moment the past few weeks: Our life is pretty boring, so there isn’t anything too dramatic. Work has been crazy and unpredictable so I could do without the long extra hours that are happening right now.

Miss anything: I really want sushi and coffee.

Cravings: I wanted cosmic brownies and chocolate milk this week. Other than that, I am just craving things I can’t have. I am having only one aversion now, and that is to grilled chicken.

Movement: Little baby is moving more and more now. Tom actually got to feel a kick this week. George said that he could hear him through my belly tonight but it was just my food digesting.

Symptoms/how I am feeling: I am doing fairly well symptoms wise. I have the energy to be able to workout again, and that is so helpful for my mental state. I still get tired easily. I am having round ligament pain in the mornings, which I don’t feel like I had with the others. When I get up I feel like I can’t fully stand up because I can’t fully stretch out my midsection. It makes sense though since this is the third kid; my ligaments just don’t want to stretch any further.

Looking forward to: George’s birthday celebrations are this month! He picked a Christmas theme, and I am looking forward to celebrating with my holiday loving 6 year old.

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Baby 2: Twenty-One Weeks


How far along: 21 weeks and 1 day

Sex of Baby W: We know, but we aren’t sharing publicly yet.

Weight gain: I came back up to my initial weight and just a little more. I am at a 1 pound gain now.

Size of Baby W: a carrot or a least weasel

Maternity clothes: I am fully embracing the maternity clothes, and people now realize that I am pregnant. The bump is full on now.

Baby items: We have gotten a few items for the room and a few newborn clothes. I am on the search for a good double stroller.

Stretch marks: Still stretch mark free.

Belly button in or out:  It is flattening out, but it is still in.

Sleep: Prior to this week, the past couple weeks were rough. I was waking up to go pee around 3, and then I wasn’t able to go back to sleep. I also could not get comfortable thanks to two huge dogs. This week I changed up my tactics and basically baricadded myself with pillows to keep the dogs away, and also keep myself from laying on my back. It really helped to get some full nights of sleep.

Best moment the past few weeks: Finding out the sex of the baby and narrowing down a name. It’s so great to be able to use a name instead of “it.” It was also great to have Tom at the appointment where we found out. Baby is growing perfectly and right on schedule. Nothing bad to report!

Worst moment the past few weeks: The second day of potty training was the absolute worst. I felt like the worst mom and a huge failure. Plus cleaning up a million messes of pee is not an ideal way to spend a Saturday.

Miss anything: This week I have missed sushi and a feta covered gyro.

Cravings: I have been craving Mexican and beef. Bring me all the steak fajitas. Most vegetables are still hard for me to eat, but I try to even if it is begrudgingly.

Movement: Little baby is moving more and more now. Tom actually got to feel a kick this week. I can’t wait until George gets to experience that.

Symptoms/how I am feeling: The heartburn has gone away these past couple weeks, only to be replaced by severe bloating and cramps. I feel like my belly is a balloon that is about to pop. My legs also are cramping up a lot more and feel like heavy weights. I know I need to walk and stretch more to help with this though. Other than that, I am feeling really good. I wish the weather was a little better to do some walking outside because I have the energy now to do it!

Looking forward to: Nothing to do with baby, but I am traveling for a conference here in a couple weeks. While I have never been away from George for more than 24 hours, it is going to be great to have some me time and work on my professional self for a little bit. I’m also looking forward to sharing the name of this little nugget here soon!


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