Bumpdate Week 21

bumpdate 21

How far along: 21 weeks. I cannot believe we are past the half way point. Since we didn’t know the first two months, it seems like it has gone really fast so far.

Sex of Baby W: George is still George.

Weight gain: I am now at a 6 pound loss. Whoo, gained one pound back! In most clothes, you can see the bump now. Although yesterday, I had a student of mine tell me that she just thought I was getting fat over the last few weeks and just realized this week that I was pregnant. While I also thought that about myself, I would never say that to someone. I chalk it up to finals craziness that she would call me fat to my face.

Size of Baby W: He was 9 oz. at our appointment a couple weeks ago. Now he should be about the size of a carrot.

Maternity clothes: I am wearing a lot of dresses, but I am not wearing a lot of maternity clothes. I still haven’t bought any maternity bottoms besides my yoga pants.

Baby items: My sister-in-law brought us a whole bunch of goodies when she was here a couple weeks ago. We still haven’t gotten anything personally recently. We are going to look at a local child consignment store this weekend. Tom will also be making the crib here in the next couple weeks. I am excited to show that process!

2014-05-06 18.42.21

I love every single piece of this. Our nursery colors are gray, blue and orange. There will be a few elephants throughout too. She found just the perfect stuff for George! And yes that is an elephant umbrella at the bottom!

Stretch marks: Nope, but you can see the veins in my belly which is kind of out there to look at.

Belly button in or out: Still in, but it is starting to flatten out.

Sleep: I have been sleeping pretty well, but I still have some wicked dreams, or rather nightmares. Unfortunately, they all seem to be pretty violent. The other night I couldn’t go back to sleep because I was so scared and shaken from it. And of course it was the night that Tom was doing 24 hour staff duty.

Best moment the past few week: Being able to complete a half marathon with Emily and seeing a Tyrone Wells concert with my friend Andrea.

Worst moment the past few weeks: I can’t really think of anything here. The last couple weeks have been pretty good.

Miss anything:  Deli sandwiches.

Cravings:  Meat.

Movement: The past couple days he has been really active. The best way to explain it is like he is blowing bubbles and then popping them. I was also able to feel him with my hand on my belly too which was just crazy cool. He is super still thought when Tom tries to feel him.

Symptoms/how I am feeling: For the most part, I am feeling pretty good. I have had really bad allergies this week which stinks because not pregnant I am on prescriptions. They, however, are not good for baby ninjas, so I have been cold turkey on allergy meds, which stinks a big one. I also have been having period-like cramps really bad in the mornings. My doctor says this is normal because my uterus is stretching. Cramps were one thing I did not know about pregnancy, and they are terrible.

Looking forward to: My birthday weekend.

21 thoughts on “Bumpdate Week 21

  1. Congrats on halfway! 🙂 I laughed so hard at the student – someone has guts!!
    I completely feel you on the allergy medications. I’m at 14 weeks and while I wasn’t on prescriptions before I am HATING not being able to take my normal allergy pill. Between the itchy/watery eyes and constant sneezing it’s incredibly uncomfortable!

  2. Yay!! Apparently I’ve been neglecting blogland for too long, I didn’t realize you were so far far along. Ahh! But you look fabulous nonetheless!!

  3. Hard to believe we were waiting for you 29 years ago tomorrow!! You will always be little princess…do you remember that song? Enjoy all that is

    happening…glad you are Writing it all down…I love you sooo much!!

  4. Oh my gosh, you have a REAL bump!! And can I just say I love what your student told you?? Haha. I had a man ask me if I ate too much on vacation when I was around 20 weeks pregnant. Uh…no, no I did not. Haha.

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