Walter-22 Months

Weight:  He is 28.4 pounds. He seems so tall!

Health: He has had cold this last week, but in general he is a happy healthy kiddo.

Diet: His palette is pretty small now. Honestly his food choices mirrors Daphne’s in a lot of ways. He only eats fish, chicken nuggets, and meatballs. He hates pasta. He will eat peas, broccoli, and any fruit you put in front of him. His favorite this month are his breakfast bars, applesauce (which he calls “sauce”), and grapes. He also knows how to get into the panty and pull the step-ladder over to get his favorite snacks. Cool cool cool…

Clothes: He is in size 18-24 month clothes, size 6 in diapers, and size 8 shoes. I really need to push him up to 2T clothes, I just haven’t had the heart to do that work yet.

Sleeping:  Today is not a great day to ask about his sleep. Last night he refused to go to sleep until after midnight. Where as the others we could do some co-sleeping, Wally ain’t about that life. So when he has a bad night it’s lots of standing rocking with Bluey episodes mixed in there. For the most part he does really well sleeping. He goes to bed around 7:30-8, and then wakes up usually around 8am. He has one nap mid-day. I still won’t allow anything in his bed, but he did just outgrow the Zipadeezip. So we’ll see how we transition to the next phase.

Likes:  He loves any dancing show and music in general. He is obsessed with reading, and he has a routine of asking all the adults to read the same book in round robin fashion. We got out the wooden trains this last month, and he loves them! He loves to jump on our bed. He climbs on the chair next to our bed and then throws himself on the bed. He is also into cars, making animal noises, and saying no to everything.

Dislikes:  He hates the Halo sleepsack which we have tried transitioning to since he can’t fit in the Zipadeezip. I may just have to be ok with real blankets…He hates being woken up early.

Nicknames: Walt, Wally, Wally Bear, Wallington Bear, Wally Olly, Waller, Wallace, Wallaby, Butters, Sweet Bean, Stinkerdoodle, Waltie baby, Cutie baby, Sweetie baby, Baby guy, and Baby Walter.

Milestones: My favorite new word is “dindeesaur” for dinosaur. He has so many words. I feel like there are new ones every day, and he is starting to piece words together for phrases. He can hop, and in a forward motion too. He can open doors with the long handles, and almost has round knobs down.

Quirks: When I turn out the lights to sing him his lullabies at bedtime, he growls “lights” at me so we can do a fun five minute game of turning the lights on and off while growling “lights” to each other. When he snuggles, it is like he tries to crawl up to settle in your neck. He does not want to sit in his booster seat at the dinner table and insists on being a big chair. He will race himself. He starts at one end of our living room, and waits until someone tells him go and then he starts running across the room.

We parents are:  surviving. Getting back into the school year has been a lot to say the least. We really hit the ground running!

Big kids are:  doing pretty good. They started school this last month, an they are both doing really well. Daphne was made for school. She skips into school every day. Yesterday she got the monthly character award. I am so proud of her for how nice she is to her classmates. George is so excited all of his activities are back. Wally definitely misses them when they are at school. When he has to go to drop off, Wally cries when they get out of the car. He follows the big kids around, and tries to imitate them all the time. George has figured out the walkie talkie feature on the baby monitor, and he says, “Goodnight, Waltie” and then sings him a lullaby before Wally falls asleep. It is so sweet! Daphne likes to drag Wally around just as much as Wally loves to be her shadow.

Daisy is: doing great. Wally is smitten with her, but he has started bossing her around. He hugs her and pets her all the time. And he loves to feed her off his plate. He tries to ride her sometimes too.

In case you are curious, here is George at twenty months and Daphne at twenty months.

I look at him, and I just want to squeeze him. Always my baby he will be.

I would love to hear your thoughts!

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