Walter-Two Years

Weight: 29 pounds.

Health: We had to go to Urgent Care a couple weeks ago because he just couldn’t get rid of a cough. He is cutting his molars, but we also suspected that he had RSV since Daphne was diagnosed at the same visit with it. He also had ear infections at the same time.

Diet: His appetite is almost non-existent. He eats fish, chicken nuggets, and meatballs. He hates pasta and pizza. He will eat peas, broccoli, and any fruit you put in front of him. His favorites this month are his breakfast bars, Gogurts, crackers, blueberries, and grapes. He also knows how to get into the pantry and pull the step-ladder over to get his favorite snacks. His favorite treat is chocolate covered pretzels like his mama.

Clothes: He is in size 2T clothes, size 7 in diapers, and size 8 shoes.

Sleeping:  For the most part he is doing an ok job sleeping. Sometimes he can be a bear to get down. He has started talking in his sleep, or rather singing in his sleep. He does still have a nap during the day, but only if he is in his crib. He fell asleep on me for the first time in a really long time over our vacation because he fought a nap so hard at Silver Dollar City. His bedtime is 8pm, and he usually gets up between 8-9am. He DOES NOT like to be woken up. He also has started sleeping with a little mini lovey handkerchief sized thing. I am still too scared to give him a full blanket.

Likes:  He loves magnatiles, Legos, and dinosaurs. His favorite shows are Bluey, Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, Super Monsters, and Dinosaur Train. He is constantly reading, and has many of our books memorized. He loves running water, and he can reach the handles now with a step stool, so that has been fun to pull him away from. He loves to run and jump into furniture, like launching himself with no abandon at full speed. His favorite phrases are “No” and “I don’t want it.”

Dislikes:  Sitting at the dinner table. Being told what to do.

Nicknames: Walt, Waltie, Wally, Wally Bear, Wallington Bear, Waller, Wallace, Wallaby, Butters, Sweet Bean, Wallerbean, Stinkerdoodle, and Waltie baby..

Milestones: He has so many words. I feel like there are new ones every day, and he has 4-5 word sentences now. He can count to 15, and spell his name.

Quirks:  The way he says “Okay” is by far the cutest thing he does. When he roars like a dinosaur, he does it with his whole face. If you say “I love you forever and ever,” he will respond with “and always.” He calls donuts, “doodats.” Since he watches Bluey all the time, occasionally he will call me “Mum.” When you ask him where is eyes are he closes them instead of pointing them.

We parents are:  in a whirlwind, and honestly it is survival mode over here. A month ago, Tom had an unknown stroke in the bottom half of his body, which made for some very painful days. After consulting the urologist, we learned that he had a mass in one of his testicles, and the stroke had basically made that one die which was the pain he was feeling. Fast forward to this week after a month off work and barely being able to walk, he had an orchiectomy and a vasectomy. In basic terms, he had a testicle removed this week and is an unbearable amount of pain. There is a thought that the mass could be testicular cancer, so as crazy as it sounds, we are fortunate that he had the stroke because that mass was not there over the summer which means it could have gone undetected and passed on to other organs. Taking it out this week removes any chance that a cancerous mass could spread now, but we are still waiting to hear if it was actually cancer. So needless to say our life has been chaos. It is chaos on a normal month, but this month has been extra hard. I am really glad that we have each other to lean on.

Big kids are:  doing great. They got glowing reports from school, and I am so proud of all that they are learning and how they are showing kindness to others. Both received a month award in the first two months, which makes me a little weepy! Walter is obsessed with his big siblings. He follows the big kids around, and tries to imitate them all the time. Tonight George said to me after hanging out with Wally, “I am trying to spend as much time with him because I just love him, and I know he won’t be this little forever.” When Daph is home, these two are stuck at the hip. They love each other so much. Their favorite thing to do together is play with puzzles and this plastic flower set. However, they are going to have to watch out because Wally has no limits. He tackles them all the time with full force. He has not learned that diving head first is not the preferred method of hugging. He is the honey badger of the family.

Daisy is: just living her best life. Wally loves to boss her around. He tries to get on her back. And one of his favorite things is getting food for her.

In case you are curious, here is George at two years and Daphne at two years.

There is something different about each of his milestones. I know Walter is my last baby. So I feel like I am cherishing the moments more than I ever did with the other two because I know this is the last time for us to experience all that this is.

I would love to hear your thoughts!

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