One of the podcasts that I follow does a campaign every Tuesday to show more gratitude and to remember the small joys of each day.

I wanted to follow suit, especially at this time of the year when we go full steam ahead until September. I need to remember to live in the moment at times and be grateful for all that I am blessed with.

So here I am, giving my blessings.

This last week marked a new beginning for Tom and I. With Tom’s job change, we are actually able to get lunch during the week. Being married to a police officer is difficult. For the better part of 4 years, we have not had regular time carved out for just us. It can take a toll on a marriage, so I am glad that we get to have this time to focus on us. And I have always wanted to have a place to become a regular!


This last weekend I had the opportunity to celebrate my best friend. and her impending wedding. I had a great weekend throwing her a bridal shower and her bachelorette party. How we ended the weekend without a picture is beyond me. But I am so grateful for Annette and how we can pick up like no time is lost.


I will end with these two nuggets. They have recently started playing together, and it is everything to this mama heart. I am so thankful to be a witness to their bond. And watching George’s imagination is one of the best things of my day.

What are you grateful for?

I would love to hear your thoughts!

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