In 2017

This has been a year.

It has been awhile since I have blogged just to blog because of this year.


There has been tremendous gaines and losses.

There have been things that I never imagined happening to us, and yet there were things that I have prayed for my entire life.

It has been a year.

Here’s to hoping that I can come back to this space more in 2018. For now, here were my top posts of 2017.

  • The Days Following Daphne-This is the horrific part of Daphne’s birth story. I had forgotten some of the details. I also have started getting baby fever and sad about the fact of being done having children, so this was good for me to read again.
  • Daphne’s Birth Story-She came so quickly once we got the party started. I remember being at peace that day knowing even before going to my appointment that I would be meeting her by the end of that week. It’s hard to believe it has been over 7 months with her.
  • My Reality-I feel so grateful that I was able to get through this pregnancy without being on bedrest.
  • And We’re Having A…-I still love how we announced we were having a girl. And my how George has changed. He has such a baby face in these photos!
  • This is Hard-Looking back, Daphne has been such an easy baby. However, it has been hard at times to go to work knowing I am missing parts of them.

Most of my posts this year were about the pregnancy and our life with Daphne.

This next year is already shaping up to hold new experiences and watching these kiddos will always be my favorite thing.


I would love to hear your thoughts!

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