My Reality

This last week our plans were totally flipped upside down.

I have had to accept a new reality.

More specifically, our baby girl will be here in 3 weeks meaning we will definitely not make it to her due date in June.

This means that the house will not be done by the time she is born.

This means that George will still be sleeping in the crib.

This means that all of DCs clothes are spread all over our dining room instead of nicely packed away in her nursery.


It means a lot of things, but mostly that I need to not worry and be more zen.

At my doctor’s appointment last week, I earned myself an overnight stay at the hospital. My blood pressure was 173/120. It’s hard to believe that I was feeling completely normal before the visit.

I mean just last week, I was talking about how great things were going in my 33 week update.

But alas, apparently this is what my body does when it is pregnant. I have been diagnosed with mild pre-eclampsia again.

Obviously I was not calm when they broke the news of being stuck in the hospital and then to be told a few hours later what I had hoped I would avoid this time around. Read I was a blubbering mess.

I was distraught mostly because George was still at the sitter, and we had not even discussed a game plan of how to handle him while we were at the hospital. First light bulb that we are NOT ready! I could only think about all the things I thought I had time to do at home, with George, and at work. This obviously did not help bring my bp down at first…but I got there eventually.

The plus of being admitted to the hospital and being diagnosed again is that I am deemed high risk and the weekly ultrasounds have resumed.

It was everything to see my little girl again. To see her big ol’ belly that is measuring 3 weeks ahead. To see the tufts of hair on her head. To see her practicing breathing. To see her showing our ultrasound tech her karate chop moves. It was everything.

Unlike last time though, I was not put on bed-rest. Because I was able to regain some normal blood pressure measurements over night and my blood tests came back fine along with the fact that DC is measuring a week ahead (fun fact right now she weighs as much as George did when he was born), they let me go home the next afternoon. They are allowing me to do this out-patient for the time being, and again WITHOUT being on bed rest-yet. My protein levels are rising, so that could be the kicker at each appointment. I also have to keep a log of my blood pressure at home now to see what my normal day is like.

My new doctor explained to me that he feels confident that we can monitor this and I keep going as I was, but the difference being that this baby will be coming out at 37 weeks. So it looks like another induction is in my future. I am 34 weeks now friends.

So no Junebug for me. I get to now share my own birth month with my baby girl. It’s funny how both of our kids have not been born in their “original” due birth months.

Not being put on bed-rest is a God-send. I honestly do not know how I would have functioned this time around with having George. Plus this allows me to get every thing more squared away at work even if I can’t at home. Luckily, I have been preparing all semester, but still…I have been pushed into high gear!

So my reality is that her nursery isn’t done. My reality is that I am not going to worry about exercising these last few weeks. My reality is that my time alone with George is coming to a quick end, and we really haven’t done a whole lot to prepare him for siblinghood.

My reality is that I need to just let things go. She is going to come into a un-perfect world, but that isn’t going to make her any less perfect.

She will be the best little blessing we could have ever asked for.

But I have made a list to try to help ease our transition…You can’t take the Type-A personality out of me completely! List making combined with lots of praying is what is keeping me sane right now.


I was able to get a lot of the list done this weekend, and I have the dining room and George’s current room set for what we need for at least her first two weeks. We will get to all the rest when the house is done and the time comes.

We are ready for you DC, but let’s wait the 3 weeks to make our meeting official!

6 thoughts on “My Reality

  1. Almost in tears for you over here. I always wish we lived closer so I could help out. (and you know, meet in real life, too…lol) Jimmie did GREAT with his big boy bed transition, although now he is waking up once a night, which is annoying, BUT he is staying in his bed, so there’s that. Last night he woke up twice to pee (which he hasn’t done in months….but he woke up dry yay! trade off) Just think positive that George will do just as well. Everything is in God’s plan, some how. I tell myself this every single day. He give us chaos so we can sit and enjoy things when they calm down.

    Relax…is that a thing when you have a toddler? Enjoy George every minute you can until the new little gal arrives. I love having Jimmie in May! By the end of the summer he was a person, you know three month mark, and we were able to start doing fun things! Baby carrier for the win = sweaty momma and baby, but it was all good!

    Everything will work out somehow, right?

    Thinking and praying for you all. Can’t wait to see George and DC pictures. They are going to be SO cute!!!

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