Things That Happened This Week

Here are just some random tidbits from this week.

Everyone in the Whitener household came down with some stomach illness this week. George threw up all night Sunday for who knows why. Tom threw up all night Tuesday due to food poisoning. Wednesday, morning sickness welcomed me into my third trimester like a truck running into a wall. I did not throw up, but I felt like it even when I would talk. Super fun week trying to make sure we all don’t die.

I had a student rub my belly without asking. She had her face all up next to my stomach. Fortunately, I like this student. However, I have only met with her a couple times. It was an awkward moment for sure, that I didn’t really know how to react to, except shock.

One day this week, I had all of my student appointments no show. Four different students decided to be rude on the same day and not come meet with me without any notice. I hate that it wastes my day waiting around for them and then trying to follow up with them after the fact. Manners folks.

I have picked out all the paint colors for the new rooms. I really tried not to have them all gray, which was my original plan. Picking them out has got me itching to get in there. They put all the electrical and plumbing in this week so we are moving along.

I do a lot of academic coaching in my job. We reach out to students at various points of the year when we know there are issues, such as right now with midterms. Our faculty report student grades at this time, so I can see anyone who is getting a D or an F in a class right now. Our office reaches out to all the students in this category. I specifically will call any student who is getting more than three Ds or Fs to talk about their plan for the last half of the semester. We hope it to be more intentional with a conversation about their options and reality of the situation since it is generally harder to raise that many poor grades in 8 weeks time. Every semester, it surprises me a)how many students have no clue and are in shock that they have an F or b) they truly believe that they can pull 5 Fs to 5 Bs and refuse any help or guidance. Astonishing.

Tonight, I cut George’s hair all by myself. I have only ever cut my own bangs, so I was extremely nervous to do this. It grows so fast, I hate to take a little boy to the barber every month. So I took a swing at it tonight to just get it off his neck and out of his eyes. We’ll see how much I damaged his sweet looks tomorrow. He went straight to the bath and then straight to bed, but I got this nice comb over before I finished reading his night time books.


What has your week been like?

8 thoughts on “Things That Happened This Week

  1. Aw George is so adorable!! I can’t believe how much he’s grown. Also congratulations on the little one on the way (way belated I know)!!

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