Bachelor Nick Final Week

We have come to the end of the road for Nick’s heart my friends. Finally. Here are my thoughts on this week’s episode.

  • I do love Nick’s family. And how cool for his sister Bella to get this paid vacation at her age.
  • It is weird to me that they refer to his relationships with Andi and Kaitlyn in “seasons.” I mean, yes, it was a season of the Bachelor, but if he is really serious about it wouldn’t it be a relationship?
  • Nick is getting into his own head, but hopefully he can convince himself to take a risk.
  • Raven with his family was anti-climatic.
  • Oh Chris you are so stirring the pot with your one liners on the drama. I think they are playing his past rejections up for production value.
  • Bella does not seem impressed with Vanessa.
  • Ok that is not a Clemson ring.
  • Haha Nick’s sister telling Nick to speak up for Vanessa. Come on Nick, at least seem interested.
  • Oh so this is the first moment that Vanessa said that she may leave Montreal.
  • No love is not enough to make a relationship last. I love his dad’s answer. They [his parents] really do seem like great people.
  • Everyone is crying on this family meet up.
  • I hope Vanessa likes Christmas. I would be weirded out by this date.
  • Vanessa saying that she isn’t comfortable with the idea that her relationship may be slightly greater than Raven’s is what normal people would say in a normal situation. Vanessa, girl, you have to know what you signed up for. You are competing for Nick’s heart. There are going to be rankings…
  • I think Nick explained himself very well about why he is guarding himself and not being as open with Vanessa. But it also seems very sly to tell her he doesn’t think about the other women when he is with her. Because that makes this whole scenario of dating other women at the same time ok.
  • These relationships are so different.
  • He called Raven “my love.” I feel like he is a little more relaxed with her.
  • He picks up Raven all the time.
  • So Raven and Nick haven’t talked about where they would move. Would she uproot her shop? I doubt Nick would move to her small town.
  • No big deal. Just some husky puppies. SO MUCH FUN!
  • This conversation with Raven seems very friendzone when he was talking about his stress with not wanting to hurt either of them. Forget the comment of not bringing up other women…
  • Ok now they are getting back on track to a romantic relationship.
  • He doesn’t seem as reserved with Raven has he is with Vanessa.
  • I think he picks Raven, or is that what they want me to think?
  • Do you think they think of the most random mundane tasks to tape Nick doing for these pensive moments like putting logs on the fire and walking through a snowy forest?
  • How awesome that they get these rings from Neil Lane. Big honkers too.
  • Raven’s dress is gorgeous. I love that they get styled for this episode. How lucky is that?
  • Ahhhh Raven is first…does that mean she isn’t the one?
  • I don’t know what is happening. I can’t read him.
  • He needs to stop Raven talking about her family if he doesn’t see this happening.
  • I am impressed that she kept it together while he breaks her heart. She is one classy broad.
  • What! You break her heart and then make her go outside without her coat.
  • Oh Raven, you are still young. You will find someone! Don’t give up on looking.
  • Well Vanessa has been one of my favorites since the beginning.
  • Ok Vanessa, can you deal with the compromise aspect? It can’t just be Nick who compromises. You become a team.
  • I hope that they can stop being stubborn and hard headed to make this work. But I hope that she isn’t watching the season back because she is going to be pissed about Raven’s fantasy suite date.
  • He sure does love to pick up women.
  • So now comes the decision if I stay up another hour to watch the After the Final Rose. (of course I stayed up)
  • Raven was so perfect in her responses at the AFR.
  • It will be interesting to see her in Paradise.
  • Vanessa doesn’t hold anything back.
  • As I said, it is good that Vanessa didn’t watch the fantasy suites.
  • Hey couples fight. It’s better that they leave everything on the table.
  • Wow, I didn’t think she would move to the US. Will they settle in LA?
  • I think they are so stubborn they will make it all work. But they are focusing so much on the arguing. They are very defensive and seem like they do not like each other much.
  • I am not ok with Nick being on DWTS, but hopefully they can get through more of the fame. I am just tired of seeing him. However, maybe we will see a different side of him since he won’t be focusing on “love.” This will be his 5th reality show though…
  • What’s with all the women wearing black?
  • Rachel is so poised. I am wondering where the drama is going to be this season with her?
  • We all love you Rachel!
  • I would be so pissed if I was Rachel and they sprung the start of the season on me. I would have died. No ability to prep myself mentally.
  • Also how awkward is it that she is doing it in front of a live audience? Again, I would be mortified.
  • So how is this going to work? She is meeting several of these guys and then there is a break for the rest? Does she start right now and get whisked away to the mansion? She will be thinking about these men until it starts and envisioning relationships with these specific men. Do they get their phones taken away now so they can’t text or internet search one another? I don’t get it.
  • Oh good the racism comments have already started not even minutes into the start of her season.
  • “You look good and smell good?” This is painful to watch.
  • I can’t catch all their names! They don’t have the little screen titles. What are their professions?
  • That also was not the most dramatic thing that has ever happened on a After the Final Rose. Do they not remember Jason Mesnick surprising us all by dumping Melissa and going back to Molly? Seriously Chris.
  • I hate this. Why do I continue watching this show? Because I have no self-control over witnessing the drama, that’s why.



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