Bachelor Week 7

I had full intentions of writing other posts this week so that my Bachelor posts weren’t back to back, but alas life.

Anyway, this week I got to watch the Bachelor in a hotel room with Moe’s as my cuisine. Bring on the queso and drama. Also I think this brought my obsession of this show to an all time high (or low) with watching it alone in a hotel room…

  • Nick you have to keep doing this. There is so much doubt, why not just finish this and see where you end up. You will never get this opportunity again.
  • Where is Bimini?
  • Vanessa is going scuba diving. Air and Sea dates.
  • Everyone looks pissed at Vanessa.
  • Vanessa has a lot more depth than you have shown Corinne. All you can say is I have a nanny and you run a multi-millionaire dollar business.
  • Okay they are just going snorkeling, but I was close!
  • Of course that feels like love when you are in a romantic setting like that snorkeling…it’s called the fantasy affect.
  • Nick is just spinning words to Vanessa. You can tell she is just torn.
  • That is so awkward that Nick was touching Kristina’s inner thigh in front of the other women.
  • Swimming with sharks…Are they toothless? Really Corinne?
  • Raven seems to be in the background of this date.
  • I am pretty fearless when it comes to ocean stuff, but I don’t know if I would freely swim with sharks.
  • Raven would just beat a shark with her stilettos.
  • That was sweet that Nick was comforting Kristina.
  • Kristina gets the group rose.
  • Oh wow! I was not expecting Raven getting that rose.
  • I think Danielle would mellow Nick out, but I also think that she may not be able to call him out on his crap.
  • That basketball hoop is short.
  • Danielle is going home on this date…
  • I like Danielle, but I think she is a little dry for this.
  • Nick’s facial expressions are so telling.
  • I hate it when the woman says they aren’t great enough when they are getting dumped. I mean I get it, I have been there, but we should think higher of ourselves. This just wasn’t right for either of you.
  • Where was Vanessa in the goodbye to Danielle? Aren’t they besties in this?
  • Corinne sneaking off to seduce Nick.
  • Nick acts differently around Corinne than he does with the other girls. It seems like it is drunk college flirting.
  • Nick is saying NO to the platinum vagine! Maybe he is learning from his past mistakes.
  • Corinne your idea of cute and nice is just sex. There are so many other ways to show nice affection besides throwing your body at someone. No wonder she is so self-conscious. We have to be teaching women differently about how to respect themselves.
  • All she is doing is making me think about how to raise my daughter.
  • Seriously where is Vanessa?
  • Nick is terrified of Rachel’s dad and family.
  • I love the bartenders that the Bachelor people find.
  • Corinne is going off the rails.
  • NOOOOO not Kristina! I could have sworn there was more there.
  • Kristina, you do deserve better than Nick.
  • I think Jen is the mystery woman coming back from BIP.

Favorites:   Vanessa and Rachel (Although I know she doesn’t end up with Nick because she was prematurely announced as the next Bachelorette. I am excited for her! But I am mad at ABC for doing it before she left this season.)

I would love to hear your thoughts!

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